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Abyssinia is the Princess of the Darklands, and Skulduggery Pleasant's ex lover turned enemy.

Character Information
Taken Name Abyssinia
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Neoteric - absorbs life force / Sensitive / abilities of The Unnamed
Titles Princess of the Darklands
Location Unknown
Relations The Unnamed (father)

Caisson (son)



She was born to the title of Princess of the Darklands, she claimed to be so after Lord Vile stabbed her and threw her out of a window when she made an attempt of Mevolent's life trying to earn the respect of the army. Her first appearance was when Valkyrie attempted to have a vision of the future where she sees Abyssinia after she made an attack on Roarhaven she was accompanied by Auger and Omen Darkly and Skulduggery Pleasant. She looks directly at Valkyrie as she's having the vision and says that she's "coming for them all". She was resurrected at Coldheart Prison using the life force of Mr Collup and Mr Rut (killing them), and some of Valkyrie Cain's (she survives). Abyssinia is seen laughing before Never teleport s the group away.


It has been said that she enjoys killing and is good at it, she has been shown to be ambitious. She is implied to be insane. She is completely devoted to her son, Caisson, to whom she was willing to sacrifice her own life to protect. She and Nero are stabbed and presumably killed by Crepuscular Vies in Bedlam after she tried to assassinate Flanery.

Abilities and Powers:

Due to her family heritage as an alleged direct descendant of The Faceless Ones combined with her father's powers Abyssinia was shown, up until her death, to be one of the most powerful mages to have ever lived. Primarily a Neoterric with the ability to absorb her opponents life-force, her father, with his dying breath, gifted Abyssinia his vast and potent power adding to her already formidable magic. From this she gained near instantaneous regeneration, super strength, immortality and along with a host of other abilities she appeared to be practically unstoppable. With her newfound might she would lay waste to villages and carve her way through entire battalions of sorcerers. Absorbing the lifeforce of her foes she seemed to only be getting stronger and stronger. Eventually, the threat Abyssinia posed was so great that It took a temporary alliance of both the Dead Men and the Diablerie to match her but even then she proved more than capable of matching their combined efforts. It was only when China Sorrows held a knife to Cassions throat did she agree to let herself be killed. Post revival she returned as strong as ever and it was only after her father took back the powers he had granted her all those years ago was she finally able to be truly killed.

Life-Force Absorption: Abyssinia possesses the ability to absorb her opponents life-force. She has been shown to only be able to drain a single person at a time. She can control the intensity and rate at which she drains her target. This can range from brief incapacitation to complete absorption of her targets life-force killing them in the process. This ability appears to be irresistible as not even Mevolent, one of the strongest sorcerers in the world, could prevent himself from being drained to death. Primarily, she uses her power to heal her wounds or make herself stronger. Normally, she seems to require physical contact to drain a person but with the powers gifted to her by her father the ability was enhanced, allowing her to drain her targets over a short distance. This conclusion is drawn due to her most noticeably trying to drain Crespacular Vice by attempting to make physical contact In their fatal confrontation. This is despite the fact that a few chapters back she stopped Skulduggery from moving by draining his life-force from the other side of the room while preparing to trap him in the Infinity Gate.

Sensitive: Abyssinia has the power to look inside one’s mind, and is capable of searching their memories. She can communicate telepathically over vast distances even from the confines of Coldheart Prison. She's has the ability to alter memories to a degree described by Valkyrie as both precise and elegant. She's able to sense others watching her through visions and converse with them. She can establish telepathic links with a person evidenced by her sensing her son being fatally wounded and can use clairvoyance to search for a person as she did when attempting to find Cassion after she sensed him dying.

Enhanced Regeneration: Abyssinia has been shown to possess immense regenerative abilities. Her healing factor is potent enough to allow her to recover from injuries ranging from broken bones to gunshot wounds to the head and chest within mere moments. Her regeneration appears to be uniquely tied in with her ability to absorb her opponents life-force. If the right conditions are fulfilled she's shown the ability to regenerate from near complete bodily destruction. Rebuilding herself a fully functional body from nothing but her heart. Her regeneration however was not an ability she learned herself but instead it was an ability that came with the powers her father bestowed her.

Immortality: Abyssinia, with the powers bestowed upon her by her father, was functionally immortal. The Unnamed had been stated as impossible to kill without the use of The Obsidian Blade and had he not been slain by it was certain he would've lived forever. Given that Abyssinia had been gifted all of his power it is strongly implied that the same rules apply to her. This theory is further supported by the fact that her heart proved to be indestructible. Theoretically, if her father had not taken back the power he bestowed upon her she could've continually resurrected herself if the right conditions were fulfilled and proved to be an opponent truly unable to die.

Enhanced Strength: Abyssinia is able to pick people up and throw them around without effort. She was able to handily pummel and damage Valkyrie through her Necronaut suit during their final battle.

Flying: Abyssinia demonstrates this ability in her final battle with Valkyrie.

Powers of The Unnamed: Willingly given to her by The Unnamed while on the verge of death Abyssinia gained his extraordinary regenerative abilities as well as his inability to truly die from anything less than The Obsidian Blade. Evident when her heart proved to be impossible to destroy and could instead only be sealed away. It's hinted that Abyssinia possessed many more powers gifted to her by her father as Abyssinia shocked Valkyrie by her ability to fly in their final battle only for Abyssinia to state that her father possessed many powers including the ability to fly and so, by extension, so did she. Her whole style of fighting after she obtained her fathers powers based itself around her Darquesse levels of regeneration allowing her to ignore her enemies while she drained their life force or ripped them apart. After her father reclaimed his powers near the end of the book the unfamiliarity of fighting without her enhanced powers of regeneration proved to be her downfall in her final fight with Crespecular Vice. Without her enhanced healing or her fathers immortality she ended up finally dying for good.


Skulduggery: Ex Lover

Valkyrie: Enemy, later Friend

The Unnamed: Father

Caisson: Son

Darkland Army: Leader

Anti-Sanctuary: Leader

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