Magic Type Adept
Power Various
Notable User(s) Tanith Low
Billy-Ray Sanguine

Adept magic is one of the two base types of magic available to Sorcerers, the other being Elemental magic. Adept mages have dedicated their life and magical potential to a single set of powers, although the scope of these powers might vary.

Description of powers

Powers can range from burrowing underground to having an immunity to fire. Based on the concept of there being no gain without loss, many Adepts have weaknesses that may cause trouble for them. A poignant example is Vindick Leather, who made himself impervious to fire but is killed upon entering a large body of water. Another example is Frightening Jones, who has the ability to fire beams of heat from his eyes but cannot keep a high intensity for long and is also blinded for a short time after he uses them. Not all Adept magic is combat-related, for example Linguistics and Etymology.

Known Adept Abilities

180px-Sanguine Poster

Billy-Ray Sanguine, a user of Adept magic.

  • Signum Linguist: This type of magic harnesses the language of magic to create desired effects e.g. creating a blue energy pulse or healing wounds or even trapping someone in an invisible barrier. Symbol magic can be used by anyone even if they have already chosen a discipline.
  • Kineticist: This branch of Adept magic allows the user to absorb kinetic energy and convert it into raw physical strength. Extinct, although there have been attempts at reviving it. 
  • Teleportation: This is when someone uses magic to disappear and re-appear anywhere else in the world in the blink of an eye. The more experienced a mage is at teleporting the further they are able to teleport and the more they can bring with them. Requires an inborn talent to learn.
  • Wall-Walking: The discipline practiced by Tanith Low. Shifting your centre of gravity so you can walk up walls. Wall-Walkers can also open locks and seal doors by placing a hand on the door and saying "Withstand".
  • Sensitivity: Psychic powers, which require an inborn talent to learn. Sensitives have many different types of magic, including:
  • Releasing a gist, as seen with Anton Shudder and Temper Fray.
  • Energy-Throwing: The ability to convert energy into projectiles; popular adept ability.
  • Dimensional Shunting: The ability to move between dimensions.
  • Making shields and force fields of blue energy as used by Habergeon
  • Vitakineticism - transferring life-force between people
  • Aborkineticism - talking to plants to help them grow

Some powers are technically elemental in nature, but are so narrowly focused that they are counted as Adept:[1]

Some Adept disciplines seem to be the exclusive property of a particular group:

  • Warlocks: A particularly dark kind of magic, the caster's mouth transforms to enable them to eat the soul of their defeated enemy therefore gaining their strength/power. Warlocks also appear to be able to command light-based magic capable of paralyzing for short periods of time or speeding regeneration and healing of any wounds the warlock acquires.
  • Necromancy: This magic is one that harnesses the power of death to control and manipulate shadows and darkness. Necromancers put their power in an object, an obvious example being Lord Vile's armour.
  • Children of the Spider

Some Adept abilities have only been seen once in the series so far, and little has been revealed about them:

  • Serpine's Magic
  • Mr Bliss' immense strength
  • Linguistics and Etymology: As suggested by the name, it is magically knowing every language spoken by humankind, as demonstrated by the late Miss Nuncio.
  • Bone breaking: Breaking bones with a single touch, as weilded by Tesseract.
  • Magiphage, the ability to drain magic for a limited amount of time and to transfer magic to an object.
  • Throwing lighting and other electricity related attacks, as seen by Lightning Dave.
  • Turning your hands into sledgehammers as used by Hieronymus Deadfall.
  • Throwing red daggers of light as seen by Eliza Scorn

Notable Adepts

For a full list, see Category:Adepts


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