Adrienna Shade
Character Information
Taken Name Adrienna Shade
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2011
Magic Necromancy
Location Deceased

Adrienna Shade was a Necromancer and follower of Cleric Craven. She had much faith in Melancholia and Craven to initiate the Passage, and was one of the 40 Necromancers to leave the Temple (Ireland) when it was raided by the Sanctuary. It was mentioned that she was the youngest candidate to be considered for a promotion to the rank of cleric.


Death Bringer

Under Gordon Edgley's house, where Melancholia drained the life force of all 300 guests, she stood by Melancholia wearily. Many of the Necromancers were found and killed, but she, along with Craven, was shadow-walked by Melancholia into the underground caverns. Adrienna, horrified that Melancholia killed 300 people as well as their close ally Bertrand Solus, ran for her life. Melancholia laughed and nonchalantly summoned a shadow to slice her back, killing her.


Adrienna Shade is a Necromancer and thus has control over shadows like all Necromancers. Her object of power is unknown.


Death Bringer

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