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Alexander Remit
Character Information
Taken Name Alexander Remit
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Teleportation
Weapons Unknown
Location Deceased

Alexander Remit was a victim of attempted murder by Vaurien Scapegrace. When he was almost murdered, he lived in Oregon. As he is a teleporter, it is assumed he is dead as the Diablerie killed all the teleporters except for Fletcher Renn.


Playing With Fire

Vaurien Scapegrace was charged with the attempted murder of the original dimension's Alexander Remit. However, he either chose a discipline other than Teleporting, or was murdered by Batu, as Fletcher is the only Teleporter by the end of The Faceless Ones.

Kingdom of the Wicked

In the parallel universe where Valkyrie shunts to in Kingdom of the Wicked, he is a teleporter and loyal subordinate to Mevolent. When she first shunts there, he tries to arrest her, but she handcuffs him. When she returns a second time, he is used by the Resistance to teleport prisoners from Mevolent's palace and save people, but it ends with Lord Vile appearing and slaughtering the escapees. In her third shunt, he attempts to stop Valkyrie saving her reflection, but they subdue him and put him in extreme pain. He is seen when Valkyrie returns for her fourth time as Darquesse. He spies on a Resistance building where China, Anton Shudder and Darquesse are discussing matters of the Sceptre, he brings Mevolent and his forces, but immediatly leaves the battlefield.

The Dying of the Light

He teleports beside Mevolent, gives him the Magic-Sucker and then disappears.


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