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Alison Edgley
Alice Edgley
Character Information
Given Name Alison Edgley
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth 2011
Age 7
Death 2013/2014 (temporary, resurrected)
Magic Unknown
Location Haggard, Ireland
Relations Melissa Edgley (mother)
Desmond Edgley (father)
Stephanie Edgley (sister)
Beryl Edgley (aunt)
Fergus Edgley (uncle)
Gordon Edgley (uncle)
Carol Edgley (cousin)
Crystal Edgley (cousin)

Alison Edgley is the daughter of Melissa and Desmond Edgley, and the sister of Valkyrie Cain. She is mostly called "Alice" in abbreviation.


Death Bringer

Alison first appeared in the series at her naming ceremony. She cried when Beryl Edgley moved towards her to take her from her older sister, as she said Valkyrie was holding her wrong, much to Beryl's annoyance.

Alison was later babysitted by both Valkyrie and Fletcher Renn. She was woken by all the noise and began crying when Ian Moore attacked Valkyrie.

Valkyrie was dubious as to whether she would introduce Alison into the world of magic.

Kingdom Of The Wicked

Valkyrie spoke and played with Alison a number of times during the Summer of Light. She also put Alice in the care of her reflection.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

Valkyrie still couldn't decide about revealing her secret identity to her family. After her Reflection forced her to flee her house, Alison was left in the care of it. Alison accidentally touched the Sceptre of the Ancients which panics the Reflection for a moment until it realises that she was also descended from The Ancients and immune from the power of Black Crystals.

The Dying of the Light

Alice is kidnapped by the Remnants who take her and her family including Valkyrie to Roarhaven in time for the final battle with Darquesse. During the battle, Valkyrie is forced to kill her using the Deathtouch Gauntlet so Valkyrie could obtain the Sceptre of the Ancients to battle Darquesse. She is immediately revived by a Starburst, however it is unknown how this temporary death will affect her.


As a result of the tremendous guilt that Valkyrie felt for having to kill her sister, Alice has not seen her sister for 5 years. However at the conclusion of the Coldheart Prison adventure, Valkyrie decides that she will be more present in her life and sets aside her guilt.


Alice is first seen playing in her house when Valkyrie comes around for dinner. She tells her sister in secret that she has overheard her parents talking and is subsequently aware of true Magic, and that her sister is a powerful mage. Valkyrie rebuffs her sister’s request to be taught, stating she needs to be at least 12 before she can start to learn. Later she is abducted by Cadaverous Gant who challenges Valkyrie to find her Sister. After a long battle Alice is the one to kill Gant by crushing him with her hands through the Midnight Hotel in the Midnight Hotel. In the aftermath of the battle it is it is revealed that she has no aura.

"Skulduggery Pleasant: Bedlam"


Alice has blue eyes.[1] Thus, she was the only one of the four Edgley-children who doesn't have brown eyes.

Alice is described in Skulduggery Pleasant: Midnight as being constantly happy and content, even in situations where she should be distressed. When her sister utilised her aura vision, she was unable to see the aura of her sister, implying that as a result of her temporary death at the hands of the Deathtouch Gauntlet caused her soul to split into three parts only one of which returned to her.


  • In Last Stand of Dead Men it was stated that she was eighteen months old. However, she was born in February 2011 and Last Stand of Dead Men is set in August/October 2013 which implies she should have been 30 months old. Armageddon Outta Here has established a slightly different timescale to the series, which may rectify this problem.
  • The Sceptre of the Ancients was able to bind to Alice, meaning she must be magical.[2]
  • Derek Landy promised that whatever the gender of his niece would be, Valkyrie's new little brother or sister would be the same. His niece is a female and her name is Clara.[3]
  • As Alice does not have an aura and it is implied she is missing her soul, it is unknown if she will still have access to any magic she may have been able to access prior to her temporary death


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