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Moody Mountain - the location of the coordinates of Silas Nadir's last known position.
America Information
Name(s) The U.S.A
Major events The War of the Sanctuaries
Inhabitants Zafira Kerias, Swain.
Part of North America

The United States of America is a country in North America. It was concerned with Ireland's record of bad things happening and wanted to take over.


New York

The American Sanctuary

America's sanctuary, located somewhere in New York.

New York University

The Speaker in Get Thee Behind Me, Bubba Moon studied there.


Headquarters of gangster Jackie Earl.

South Dakota

The Temple (South Dakota)

There is a Necromancer Temple in South Dakota.


Forbidden is a town in South Dakota.

Livery Stable

The Stable owned by Sully in South Dakota.

Moody Mountain

Silas Nadir and others hid and set up camp there for a while.


A small town where a Haunted House was located

Bredon Shopping Mall

A shopping mall in Bredon the the Speaker and Chrissy Brennan took refuge in.


Across a Dark Plain

The Dead Men hunted Nefarian Serpine in 1861 there.

The Revengers' Club Machinations

Dreylan Scarab was released in 2009 after 200 years imprisonment.

Theatre of Shadows

Silas Nadir was almost captured at Moody Mountain just weeks after Quintin Strom was murdered.

The War between Sanctuaries

America took part in the War between Sanctuaries on the side of the Supreme Council.

Get Thee Behind Me, Bubba Moon

A group of friends investigate an abandoned mansion.