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Anathem Mire
Character Information
Given Name Anathem Mire
Species Human, Ghost
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death Before 2009
Magic None
Location The Caves

Anathem Mire was a Ghost seen in the third book. When alive he was the owner of what is now Gordon Edgley's Mansion. He later built a replica of the mansion in the Caves of the Void and went mad.


He led many expeditions into the caves beneath to study the Black Crystals, every time being the sole survivor. This may be because he killed his comrades so they wouldn't steal his secrets. He was known to punish people by throwing them into the deadly caves and died on his last expedition, but before passing he constructed a warped replica of his house in the caverns.


The Faceless Ones

In The Faceless Ones Skulduggery kicks his corpse, awakening his spirit. He initially attacked them for intruding but calmed down and led them to the Black Crystals. As they were about to leave he trapped Valkyrie inside the house as he wanted to keep her in his castle forever to be his queen. She eventually evaded him and escaped the house which Anathem could no longer leave. The two left him swearing that he'd find her.

The Dying of the Light

Valkyrie found his clothes and bits of his body when she went through the caves to find Foe's Gang. Gordon stated that he had entered his body to follow her but was killed by the creatures of the caves when he strayed too far from the Source Fountain, which they avoided.


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