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Aranmore Farm
Aranmore Farm.png
Aranmore Farm Information
Name(s) Aranmore Farm
Major events The Battle of Aranmore Farm
Inhabitants Batu (formerly)
Part of Ireland

Aranmore Farm is where the Battle of Aranmore Farm took place. Batu lived here as 'Paddy'. It was here that the Faceless Ones broke through from their reality to ours. It is also where Valkyrie went to save Skulduggery from The Faceless Ones.


The Battle

Main article: The Battle of Aranmore Farm

Skulduggery Pleasant and his group arrived at Aranmore Farm when Fletcher Renn was kidnapped by The Diablerie during The Trade at Liffey Bridge. The portal to The Faceless Ones' universe was opened by Fletcher. Gruesome Krav, Murder Rose and Batu were all possessed by Faceless Ones. Mr. Bliss, members of the Diablerie and two of the Faceless Ones were killed. When the last Faceless One was finally forced back through the portal, it took Skulduggery with it.

Later events

Nine months later, Fletcher Renn, China Sorrows and Valkyrie Cain returned to Aranmore Farm. The portal to the Faceless Ones was opened with Skulduggery Pleasant's skull and they managed to retrieve Skulduggery.