Arthur Dagan
Character Information
Taken Name Arthur Dagan
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Location Unknown
Relations Hansard Kray (son)

Arthur Dagan was the obese and embarrassing father of Hansard Kray. He was a member of The Church of the Faceless Ones, thus leading to his hate of Valkyrie Cain. He ran Dagan Logistics.


In Books

The Requiem Ball

Arthur was first seen at The Requiem Ball, appearing next to Hansard. He first seemed cheerful and slightly debonair, but turned on Valkyrie for murdering his Gods. Arthur claimed that he only came along to the Ball in order to meet Valkyrie, and forcefully responded when she told him he did not have to come. He warned her that she would have her comeuppance, shortly before leaving.

He later got drunk and wandered around Gordon's mansion, vomiting in one of the rooms. Soon after, he, along with around 300 others, had their life force stolen by Melancholia. She reluctantly gave them back later, and he woke up next to the other attendees to the Ball.


Arthur appeared to be very rude towards Valkyrie, having a huge amount of dislike towards her. He later appeared to be drunk, and Hansard reassured that he is not always like he was at the Ball.


Arthur was described as obese, having blonde hair and being slightly shorter than his son Hansard.


Death Bringer