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Character Information
Taken Name Ashione
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2013
Magic Elemental
Location Deceased

Ashione was a soldier who worked for the Supreme Council during the War of the Sanctuaries. She worked under General Mantis. When a plan during the battle of Roarhaven went wrong, she was shot by Skulduggery Pleasant by means of a mercy kill as she was being burned at the stake by Warlock forces.



Regis mentioned that she and Saracen Rue had shared a romantic history together. He also mentioned that Metric loved her but she thought he was boring.

Last Stand of Dead Men

Ashione was one of the mages ordered by the Supreme Council to find a way into Ireland and shut down the many defensive shields surrounding the country. She accompanied Regis and General Mantis into the Midnight Hotel as a means to enter, capturing the hotel before the Irish Mages could shut down its travelling abilities.

She participated in other battles alongside Regis, including the Battle at the Abandoned Fort. Later, she was informed that Regis was picked to go on a suicide run against the Irish forces. They both survived, however. During the battle she encountered Valkyrie Cain and knocked her unconscious.

The last battle she was involved in was the Battle of Roarhaven. Mantis devised a strategy of using Cloaking spheres to outflank the Warlocks and take them by surprise (the same tactic it had used so successfully before). It would lead a squad of sorcerers, including Regis and Ashione, to attack the unguarded Charivari, leader of the Warlocks. The Warlocks managed to defeat them, however, and tied them to stakes in view of everyone in Roarhaven. They were then set aflame by Charivari's magic. Skulduggery Pleasant spared Mantis by shooting it in the chest with a sniper rifle, and moved on to the remaining victims, including Ashione.

Alternate Dimension

In The Dying of the Light, it is revealed that a version of Ashione lived in the alternate dimension. After Serpine rescues Valkyrie from Nye and takes her to the new headquarters of The Resistance, he mentions having "made mistakes" regarding his relationship with Harmony after replacing China Sorrows as the leader. Ashione was one of the "mistakes" mentioned - implying that she was both a part of The Resistance, and had also slept with Serpine. (Flaring, Shakra, Kallista, Luciana, Rosella, and Rapture are also mentioned "mistakes".)


She is based on an English fan of the books.Ideally, we need a reference for proof.

Magic and abilities

Ashione was an Elemental, though she seems to prefer using weapons.


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