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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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Auron Tenebrae
Character Information
Taken Name Auron Tenebrae
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2011
Magic Adept, Necromancy
Weapons Dagger
Titles High Priest
Location Deceased

Auron Tenebrae was a leader of the Necromancer Temple. He had two Clerics with him at all times; Cleric Quiver and Cleric Craven. He was skeptical of Valkyrie Cain being the Death Bringer. He had such little patience because he believed that Lord Vile would return to punish the Necromancers and wished to find the Death Bringer before that happened.


The War

Tenebrae was studying in a Necromancer Temple in Prussia, and was one of the few survivors of a raid by Mevolent's men. The surviving Necromancers teamed up with Skulduggery and his men (notably, along with Morwenna Crow) in order to track the raiding party. During the battle with the raiding party, Tenebrae was injured and just as he was about to be killed by an assailant named Jeremy, Skulduggery grabbed Tenebrae's dagger and killed Jeremy with shadows. Tenebrae saw amazing potential in Skulduggery, who had shown this instant grasp of Necromancer magic.

Later on, his Temple was surrounded by Nefarian Serpine and his men. Tenebrae was chosen to give Serpine the power in his red right hand; the power to give agonizing death. While Serpine was being taught, he made it clear how much he wished to kill Skulduggery. Tenebrae, wishing to protect Skulduggery, in whom he saw so much potential, altered his teaching so that if Serpine ever used it on Skulduggery, the dead man's soul would remain.

Dark Days

He argues with Solomon Wreath over the Remnant in the Soul Catcher. Wreath wants to return it to the Midnight Hotel, but Tenebrae wants to keep it with the Necromancers. His reasons are revealed in the fifth book.

Mortal Coil

Tenebrae orders Wreath to use the Remnant in the Soul Catcher to possess the Sensitive Finbar Wrong to see if Valkyrie is the Death Bringer. Auron is present at the first meeting to decide the whereabouts and members of the new Council of Elders, but is absent at the second meeting and isn't seen again until the end of the book when Skulduggery threatens Tenebrae to tell the truth about what happened to the Remnant in the Soul Catcher, but Auron refuses to give any information.

Death Bringer

In the sixth book, Tenebrae reveals the events that occurred before the war to a shackled Skulduggery and Valkyrie. He then reveals that Skulduggery is Lord Vile.

Tenebrae also admits he is doubtful that Melancholia is the Death Bringer and is killed by her before the Passage can be initiated.


Tenebrae is shown to be a powerful Necromancer, able to alter Necromancy in tiny ways, exemplified by his modification of Serpine's power. He placed his power in his dagger.


Death Bringer
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