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Aurora Jane
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Character Information
Taken Name Aurora Jane
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Elemental
Faction The American Sanctuary
Location Ireland

Aurora Jane is an American sorcerer who appeared as part of Dexter Vex's team in The Maleficent Seven. She sided with the Supreme Council during the War between Sanctuaries but decided to defect to Ireland.


Not much is known about Aurora's past prior to The Maleficent Seven. Tanith Low mentioned to her team that she and Aurora had a thing, saying she was "lovely", but "it didn't work out". She is an Elemental, as shown by her skills with controlling air, and is good in combat, which is why she is chosen for Dexter Vex's team.

The Maleficent Seven

Aurora first appeared when Dexter assembled his team to find the God-Killer level weapons before Tanith Low could find and destroy them. Saracen Rue flirted with her, while Gracious O'Callahan voiced his wish to ask her out over the plane's intercom.

She and the team are ambushed at Johann Starke's mansion while attempting to steal the dagger, and learn of a mysterious brunette who attempted to steal it. The team then go to Chicago and meet Tanith and her team stealing the bow. When they reach Poland, they are ambushed by Dusk, Springheeled JackBilly-Ray Sanguine and Sabine, where Wilhelm Scream is revealed to be a traitor and Aurora is shot and wounded.

The team make it to London, where Aurora is healed and privately meets with Saracen shortly before they infiltrate the London Sanctuary. The team meet Tanith, Annis and Wilhelm while trying to steal the sword, and everyone is caught. They begin fighting off some crazed Sanctuary employees, courtesy of Tanith, as Tanith steals the sword. Billy-Ray escapes with the weapon before Vex's team, Wilhelm and Tanith are arrested. Aurora and the team are later released without charge, but are warned not to return to London for three years.

Last Stand of Dead Men

She helped Tanith Low escape from the Midnight Hotel. She did this by getting Tanith to wear her coat to disguise herself and get Sanguine while she got Tanith's Sword. She was caught by Mantis and escaped with Sanguine and Tanith. It is unknown what happened to her for the rest of the book.


Aurora has shown proficient skill at using Elemental magic, in particular the control over air. She can stop bullets and redirect rockets quickly and easily.


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