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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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Character Information
Taken Name Avaunt
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death Approx. 30 years before The Maleficent Seven.
Magic Adept
Location Deceased

Avaunt was a hired assassin.



Avaunt trained with Tanith Low and disliked her calling her Highborn because of education and lifestyle. Avaunt later left her home to become an assassin. Years later Tanith was assigned to stop her from killing a target who was located at the Theatre. After a sword fight between the two, Avaunt's target, believed to be Mr Bliss, walked in and snapped Avaunt's neck. As Tanith left, the man asked her if Avaunt was her friend to which Tanith said she was the closest thing to one.

Magic and abilities

Avaunt was very skilled at sword fencing and Quoneel had once said that Avaunt would become an excellent Assassin. However Quoneel then said that she would be merely excellent and nothing more. She was also a energy thrower which is the the power to throw energy at her enemy.


Maleficent Seven

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