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"What have you done?"
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"It's like it's calling to me."
— Badstreet on the Ring of Salumar.
Character Information
Taken Name Badstreet
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Before 2013
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Weapons Fake Ring of Salumar
Location Ireland
Relations Sabine (Seller)

Badstreet was a sorcerer who sought to possess the Ring of Salumar. In early 2013, Sabine attempted to sell a forgery of the ring to him.


He appeared almost fanatical about Salumar. He could feel the ring's magic without even putting it on. Sabine told him that he was a sorcerer of a high ability, evidenced by his ability to sense magic. However, he was slightly gulliable as he ended up paying Sabine money for the ring. She predicted that he would take two-three minutes to realise it was a fake before running out onto the main street. She therefore took a back street. This showed that he would rashly act without thinking (understanndable, considering he was just duped.


Maleficent Seven

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