Character Information
Taken Name Austin Baritone
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2009
Magic Adept, Necromancy
Faction Necromancers
Weapons Flintlock Pistol
Location Deceased

Baritone was a Necromancer and associate of Solomon Wreath. He partook in the Battle of Aranmore Farm, where he was killed. Baritone was originally created by an English fan of the series.



Baritone, while travelling through France in 2008, overheard several mortal mercenaries discussing a contract they had completed. The mercenaries described their gunned-down victims as "bleeding light," a characteristic of Warlocks. Pretending to be a mortal, he asked who had hired them. The mercenaries couldn't remember; the contractor was later revealed to be the Man with Golden Eyes.

The Faceless Ones

He, along with Solomon Wreath, the White Cleaver, and an Unnamed Female Necromancer, formed a contingent of Necromancers to fight against the Diablerie. Baritone believed along with his associates that the threat posed by the Diablerie affected everyone, and wished to help end the threat.

Baritone assisted the Irish Sanctuary in fighting the Diablerie at both the Liffey Bridge trade and at the Battle of Aranmore Farm. He was able to kill multiple Hollow Men with his Flintlock in the later conflict. He was killed in the battle, either by the Diablerie, Hollow Men, or the Faceless Ones.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

His name was mentioned by Wreath while discussing the Man with Golden Eyes and the Warlocks.


He was a user of Necromancy. It is presumed he trained in the Temple, and had standard power levels and abilities. Baritone infused his Necromancy power into a Flintlock Pistol, which was able to fire shadow bullets without reloading.


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