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Spoiler Image Baron
"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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"You abomination!"
— The Baron referring to Skulduggery, Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing With Fire
Baron Vengeous
Baron vengeous
Character Information
Taken Name Baron Vengeous
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death May 2008

Alive (alternate dimension)

Magic Adept
Faction The Three Generals, The Diablerie (both formerly)
Weapons Cutlass
Titles The Baron, Leader of The Diablerie
Location Deceased
Relations Eliza Scorn (Wife, Alternate Dimension)

Baron Vengeous was one of Mevolent's infamous Three Generals. Following the demise of Nefarian Serpine, he attempted to bring back the Faceless Ones, whom he worshipped.


The War

During the War, Vengeous was one of Mevolent's Three Generals. He was the leader of the fanatical Diablerie, a cult dedicated to bringing the Faceless Ones back through any means necessary. It was mentioned that the Torment, despite harbouring a dislike for both sides of the War, decided that Vengeous was the worst of two evils. The Torment set out to kill Vengeous. However, sometime after 1861, Vengeous had a legendary battle with Skulduggery Pleasant, in which Vengeous was defeated. Skulduggery Pleasant threw a stick of dynamite at Vengeous, winning the battle. Vengeous was then taken to a prison facility in Russia. The Torment, with Vengeous safely locked away, saw no reason to continue hunting the man.

Earlier in the war, Vengeous encountered Saracen Rue in Leeds. He also fought at The Battle of Black Rock, and was driven into retreat by Ghastly Bespoke's mother.

Reviving the Grotesquery

After escaping jail, Vengeous returns to Ireland, killing a Sanctuary agent who recognises him. He joins together with Dusk, a vampire who owed Vengeous an undisclosed debt, and Billy-Ray Sanguine. Using the two men as his chief henchmen, Vengeous would begin to enact his plan to revive the Grotesquery.

Venegous is revealed to be in search of Lord Vile's armour and Valkyrie Cain's blood. Using both, he could revive the Grotesquery. The Grotesquery is made with the body parts of many other beasts grafted onto the torso of a Faceless One. This connection to the Faceless Ones was purported to be able to herald the return of the remaining gods.

Using an army of Infected, Vengeous is able to find the fabled, powerful armour of Lord Vile, a fellow Generals. The immensely powerful Necromancer magic embedded in the armour falls under Vengeous' control. The magic is so powerful, he must wear a protective clothing underneath the armour. He also finds the body of the Grotesquery, a spectacle that is observed by Valkyrie Cain and Skulduggery Pleasant. They witness Vengeous' sadistic power first hand: he uses his magic to rupture the body of an Infected who had dropped Grotesquery's body.

Valkyrie is captured while Skulduggery attempts to contact the Sanctuary for reinforcements. After driving to a derelict church, Vengeous orders Billy-Ray Sanguine to cut Valkyrie's hand. Her blood falls upon the Grotesquery. Valkyrie's blood, which contains traces of the Ancients' power, is able to revive the Grotesquery. However, Skulduggery returns, foiling the ritual before it can be completed. The Grotesquery appears to be unable to be resurrected. Skulduggery and Valkyrie escape with the carcas of the Grotesquery, infuriating Vengeous.

It later awakens in the laboratory of Kenspeckle Grouse, enough of the ritual having been completed. It kills two of Kenspeckle Grouse's assistants, Stentor and Civet, as well as three Cleavers who attempt to stop it. After severely wounding Tanith Low, the Grotesquery escapes, falling under Vengeous' command.

Vengeous, with the help of Sanguine, Dusk, and Springheeled Jack, orchestrates attacks on personnel from the International Sanctuaries. While the Sanctuaries are preoccupied dealing with attacks, Vengeous rightfully assumes that they will be too busy to answer Ireland's request for aid, ensuring that Vengeous is not overwhelmed by the international magic community

It is discovered that Vengeous harbours a grudge against China Sorrows, former leader of the Diablerie, because she defected from Vengeous' group. Sorrows realises this, and employs two elite bodyguards, Zephyr and Sev, to protect her from Vengeous' fury. Vengeous confronts China and her bodyguards in a car parkade, easily killing Sev and ripping apart Zephyr. He then captures China, intending for her to watch the return of the Faceless Ones.

Vengeous then moves to Clearwater Hospital, a clandestine, abandoned site where he intends to bring the Faceless Ones back. Much of Vengeous' support has withered away by this point; Valkyrie Cain leads his army of Infected into the sea, and Springheeled Jack defects, incapacitating Dusk. Vengeous has the sole support of Sanguine, and the Grotesquery. Sanguine is captured at Clearwater by a Sanctuary task force consisting of Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkyrie Cain, Mr. Bliss, Tanith Low, and a multitude of Cleavers. The group observes that Sanguine seemed to have ulterior motives in supporting Vengeous after over-hearing his phone call.


Vengeous with the Grotesquery

The Grotesquery is then found alone, Vengeous having seemingly vanished. Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Bliss, and Tanith begin the initial attack, managing to wound the Grotesquery before is it able to reach the peak of its power. It is then swarmed by the Cleavers, who severely wound the Grotesquery. Vengeous returns with the captured China, using Vile's armour to render Tanith and the remaining Cleavers unconscious. The Torment is called for reinforcement, but he too is defeated by the recovering Grotesquery. With the group seemingly defeated, it appears as though Vengeous would emerge victorious. However, China recovers, and fights Vengeous, allowing Skulduggery and Valkyrie to escape.

Valkyrie and Skulduggery later return and find that Vengeous had defeated China. Valkyrie and Skulduggery engage Vengeous in battle again and this time Skulduggery manages to take the Baron's armour off. Skulduggery and Valkyrie are then able to defeat Vengeous.

Vengeous, staring defeat in the face, crawls over to the Grotesquery to apologise for failing to protect it. The Grotesquery crushes his head. The Grotesquery is then defeated by Valkyrie, but its death scream alerts the Faceless Ones to Earth's location.

Alternate Dimension

Vengeous is present in Mevolent's universe. However, in peacetime, Vengeous little more than a prison guard to unruly mortals and mages. Vengeous is married to Eliza Scorn, a fanatic who has gone insane after briefly looking at a Faceless One.

When Valkyrie Cain is forced into his dimension by Silas Nadir, a Dimensional Shunter, Vengeous is able to capture her. He suspects her to be a member of a feeble resistance movement. He takes her into the capital city of Mevolent, showing her a world with a stark contrast to her own. For instance, he shows her the naked, desecrated body of Mr. Bliss, used by Mevolent as a deterrent against uprising. He then brings her to Mevolent himself before leaving.

Later during the plot of the book, Skulduggery and Valkyrie return to Vengeous' dimension, where they infiltrate Mevolent's castle, using Eliza Scorn and Nefarian Serpine. Vengeous, however, finds them, attacking Skulduggery and nearly rupturing Valkyrie's body. Skulduggery and the others escape with the Sceptre of the Ancients.

Vengeous' last appearance in the alternate universe was during the battle of Ratoath, where Mevolent's forces attempted to crush the Resistance, once and for all. Vengeous pursues and attempts to kill China Sorrows, the Resistance's leader, but is killed when Anton Shudder, her bodyguard, breaks his neck.

When the Alternate Dimension is re-visited it is revealed that he has been brought back to life by Mevolent. He later attacks Skulduggery, Valkyrie, and Ravel, along with Vile and Mevolent.


The Baron's Battle Card picture.

Physical Appearance

He was described as tall and muscular with gun-metal grey toned hair and a tightly cropped beard. He was also described as militaristic.

Alternate Dimension

In the alternate reality, his garb was unchanged, but he had shaved his beard, and no longer carried his cutlass.

Magic and Abilities


Vengeous subscribes to an adept discipline that allows him to make objects rupture and break at a glance. His eyes turn yellow when he uses his ability.


After obtaining Lord Vile's armour, Vengeous gains a wide variety of necromancer abilities such as controlling shadows. He demonstrates a great prowess for this ability. He is able to use the ability to great effect on Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkyrie Cain, and Mr Bliss. ====


He is well trained with his cutlass and is said to be even faster then Skulduggery.


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