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Battle of Roarhaven (Last Stand of Dead Men)
Battle of Roarhaven (Last Stand of Dead Men)
Name(s) Battle of Roarhaven (Last Stand of Dead Men)
Date September 2013
Book Last Stand of Dead Men
Participants The Irish Sanctuary (remnant)/Supreme Council
Roarhaven Mages/The Children of the Spider
Location Roarhaven
Previous The Siege of Roarhaven
Next The Search for Darquesse

The Battle of Roarhaven was a penultimate engagement, taking place at the climax of Last Stand of Dead Men. The battle was fought between the Warlocks and their allies, the forces of Roarhaven, mages from the Supreme Council, and the remaining forces of the Irish Sanctuary. While the battle initially began with the Warlocks pitted against everyone else, the allegiances of several participants started to change as the battle progressed. The battle ended in a pyrrhic victory for the Irish, as they had prevailed at the cost of many.

Main Events

  1. The new Roarhaven City survives the siege previously but is breached by Warlocks.
  2. Wretchlings are sent every night to terrorize the inhabitants. Vaurien Scapegrace, his gang, The Black Cleaver and Valkyrie Cain's reflection are among some of the defenders.
  3. Erskine Ravel decides to supercharge some of his mages using The Accelerator. They are indiscriminate to the Warlocks and Skulduggery Pleasant and his allies.
  4. Darquesse arrives and fights both sides.
  5. Charivari is killed by Valkyrie Cain's reflection.
  6. China Sorrows and Skulduggery decide to take down Ravel. They defeat The Children of the Spider and The Black Cleaver. They them proceed to fight Madame Mist and Ravel. China uses Symbol Magic as a last resort to kill both herself and Mist.
  7. Darquesse prevents China's death and forces Ravel into agony for 23 hours a day. She then leaves and warns Skulduggery not to try to stop her.


  1. Ravel and his allies are either killed of defeated. (The prophecy of him in agony comes true).
  2. The Warlocks are defeated after the death of their leader.
  3. Roarhaven is heavily damaged.
  4. China elects herself as Grand Mage of the Irish Sanctuary remnant.
  5. Kenny Dunne decides to abandon his plan and tell Valkyrie's parents about Magic (after he believed she perished in the battle).
  6. The Supreme Council disbands.



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