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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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"My father was a sorcerer. So was my brother. But not me. I just didn't have that spark, you know? But now, finally, it's my turn."
— Batu, revealing his true plans, Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones
Character Information
Given Name Patrick "Paddy" Hanratty
Taken Name Batu
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death October 2009
Magic None
Faction The Diablerie (reformed; formerly)
Location The Faceless Ones' realm; Deceased
Relations Pat Hanratty (father)

Batu, also known as Patrick "Paddy" Hanratty, is the mysterious force behind releasing the Faceless Ones. He was forced into the portal by Skulduggery after a Faceless One took over his body.


The only mortal born in a family of sorcerers, he joined the Diablerie in their cause to bring back the Faceless Ones. He believed that he was strong enough of will so that, when a Faceless One took control of his body, his mind and personality would remain intact to witness the use of magic.

After a Teleporter told him that they could use their powers to open a portal for the Faceless Ones to return, Batu started his plan to bring the Dark Gods back. Batu first killed Trope Kessel fifty years before the events of The Faceless Ones, and gave his body to the Sea Hag to hide beneath her lake.


The Faceless Ones

Batu is first mentioned by the corpse of Trope Kessel as the Teleporter's killer. Next he tells Billy-Ray Sanguine via speaker to kidnap Fletcher Renn after the first attempt has failed. He hints that they have been working together for over a year. He is later seen talking to Sanguine and then giving all the members of The Diablerie tattoos.

At the Battle of Aranmore Farm, a Faceless One takes over his body, obliterating Batu's mind despite his expectations. Skulduggery manages to get it back into the portal, but the Dark God dragged him through along with it.

Dark Days

Over the eleven months between the Battle of Aranmore and the events of Dark Days, the Faceless Ones used Batu's body to torture Skulduggery after he was taken into the portal. Skulduggery believed that the Gods enjoyed torturing more when they were in a body.




  • Batu is the first antagonist in the Skulduggery Pleasant series to be a regular mortal, albeit one born of magical parents.