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Bernard Sult
Character Information
Taken Name Bernard Sult
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Faction The American Sanctuary
Titles Administrator
Location Unknown

Bernard Sult is The Administrator of The American Sanctuary. Sult appears in the seventh and eighth books.[1]


Kingdom of the Wicked

He comes to the Irish Sanctuary, along with Quintin Strom (The British Grand Mage) as the representative for the American Grand Mage, Renato Bisahalani.

Last Stand of Dead Men

He, under orders from the supreme council, with other operatives attempt to destroy the Accelerator and fail. He is killed by two of the children of the spider under the cover of "...a life for a life..."- as an Irish sorcerer had died in enemy custody for no reason other than verbal insults. The true reason for their actions was to start the war, which was a means to an end, the end being a world of mortals ruled by sorcerers.


Kingdom of the Wicked Front Cover
Last Stand of Dead Men Cover


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