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Bertrand Solus
Character Information
Taken Name Bertrand Solus
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2011
Magic Necromancy
Titles Cleric, Director of Storage
Location Deceased

Bertrand Solus is a Cleric and Director of Storage in the Necromancer Temple


Rise of the Death Bringer

Bertrand Solus is visited by Solomon Wreath who knows of his smuggling operations. Wreath wants to use the smuggling tunnels as an emergency escape route. After the Temple siege, Solus is evacuated, along with Wreath, Melancholia St Clair, Adrienna Shade and Vandameer Craven. After escaping the safe house, they moved into the basement of Gordon Edgley's house, where the Requiem Ball was being held.

After Melancholia sucked the life force out of 300 people, Solus requested that she initiate the Passage. Soon, it became apparent that Solus was afraid of death, and Melancholia chastised him as a hypocrite. Once Solus demanded that she initiate the Passage, Melancholia pierced his neck with a shadow, killing him.


Bertrand Solus is a Necromancer and thus has control over shadows like all Necromancers. His object of power is unknown.

Director of Storage

Although the title sounds mundane, the Director of Storage is a very important person within a Necromancer Temple. The Director of Storage is not a Senior Cleric but because of his position's uniqueness, he operates under a sphere of his own influence taking orders directly from the High Priest.


Death Bringer

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