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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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Beryl Edgley
Character Information
Given Name Beryl Edgley
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic None
Location Ireland
Relations Fergus Edgley (spouse)
Carol Edgley (daughter)
Crystal Edgley (daughter)
Melissa Edgley (sister-in-law)
Desmond Edgley (brother-in-law)
Gordon Edgley (brother-in-law)
Stephanie Edgley (niece)
Alison Edgley (niece)

Beryl Edgley is Valkyrie Cain's aunt, her father's sister-in-law. Her maiden name is Mullen. She has twin daughters named Carol and Crystal.


Skulduggery Pleasant

In the first book, Beryl and her husband were given (by Gordon Edgley), a boat, a car and a brooch which turned out to be Gordon's most valuable possession, the key into the caves. Beryl was mad over this, she already had a car and Fergus got seasick easily, and was jealous for what Valkyrie Cain got. Later on, the brooch was stolen, without her knowing, by Valkyrie.

Playing With Fire

Beryl briefly appears in Playing With Fire making plans with Melissa for the Edgley reunion.

Later at the reunion, she is seen trying to gossip with whoever she could.

The Faceless Ones

Beryl played a small role in the third book. While Valkyrie's parents were on holiday in Paris, Beryl agreed to look after Valkyrie. She didn't know that it was just Valkyrie's reflection taking her place. Tanith visited her to ask where Valkyrie was and Beryl formed a disliking for her.

Mortal Coil

At Christmas she has a party at her house. Valkyrie, Desmond and Melissa are invited, but just before they run away, Beryl sees them and invites them in her house.

Death Bringer

Beryl makes a brief appearance at Alison's Christening. When she tells Valkyrie that she is holding Alison wrong, she tries to teach her how to do it, but Alison cries when she sees Beryl. Valkyrie complements Beryl's dress, hiding her true opinion of it.

Kingdom of the Wicked

She was briefly mentioned by Carol, who admits that she wasn't the best at parenting. It was mentioned that Beryl wasn't very happy with how her two daughters were now defending Valkyrie. Beryl was also revealed to be a Trekkie and has joined a bridge club 'so she has more people to disapprove of'.

Last Stand of Dead Men

She visits Melissa one day, and bursts into tears when she sees how close Valkyrie is with her mother. She then tearfully explains that Crystal and Carol were behaving oddly; Carol spending way too much time in her room and Crystal insisting that Carol has changed irrevocably.

Seasons of War

She joins Valkyrie, Alice, Desmond, Melissa and Crystal at Fergus's birthday dinner. Valkyrie notes that Beryl didn't comment about how she was late. She causes Alice to be visibly disgruntled when joining her in going to the bathroom. Crystal mentions that the family can never talk about magic due to Beryl being around. Beryl blames herself for Carol being distant, unbeknownst to her that Stephanie (Valkyrie Cain's reflection) killed Carol and got Carol's reflection to live out her life. Beryl talks about how Melissa is friends with her daughters more than anything and is deeply apologetic to Crystal for her lack of warmth in the past.


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