"The people he killed were of no threat to anyone. Paul Lynch was a Sensitive with a history of mental health problems. The only person who was ever going to listen to him was the old lady who was killed next."
Skulduggery asking Solomon Wreath about Dragonclaw, Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer
Bison Dragonclaw
Character Information
Taken Name Bison Dragonclaw
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2011
Magic Necromancy
Location Deceased

Bison Dragonclaw was a Necromancer, utilized by his superiors as a black ops agent. He murdered several people in an attempt to stop news of the Passage being exposed to the magical world. He was eventually killed by Melancholia St Clair, who she sucked the life force out of him and several other Necromancers.


Rise of the Death Bringer

Dragonclaw was tasked with hiding any news of the Passage from the magical community, as it was believed that the magical community would not accept the concept of the Passage. This was rightfully so, as the Passage involved the murder of three billion people.

Paul Lynch, a Sensitive unaware of the true nature of his powers, was experiencing visions about the Passage. Dragonclaw was sent to neutralize him, which he did, slitting Lynch's throat. He was then sent to kill an elderly woman whom Lynch spoke to about his visions, Bernadette Maguire. He then proceeded to carry out that deed, as well, hastily replacing several of Maguire's items that were knocked over during their struggle. The haphazard nature of some of Maguire's possessions allowed Skulduggery Pleasant to rule her passing a murder, rather than a natural death.

Dragonclaw was first physically seen by Skulduggery, Fletcher and Valkyrie, who attempted to apprehend him, rightfully thinking him the perpetrator of the killings. Dragonclaw, however, in an extreme act, released the Jitter Girls against the three, in an attempt to deter their pursuit. The three are able to defeat the Jitter Girls, however. Skulduggery and Valkyrie, suspecting him a Necromancer, asked Solomon Wreath about him. Wreath revealed the identity of Dragonclaw, stating that he had no idea of what he had done. The two then spotted Dragonclaw, beginning to pursue him.

Dragonclaw was able to leave the Temple, attempting to escape in a car. Skulduggery and Valkyrie, however, chased him, with Skulduggery's superior driving skills resulting in Dragonclaw smashing his car. The two then chased after him. Dragonclaw, however, in another extreme act, used a Warlock, a near-extinct type of magician, as another deterrent. He managed to escape again, at the price of the Warlock's life.

When the Irish Sanctuary attempted to enter the Necromancer Temple, due to Valkyrie being assaulted by Melancholia St Clair, Dragonclaw was sent to an airport in Dublin to receive Necromancer reinforcements from London. He was, however, intercepted by Skulduggery and Valkyrie, who hoped to stop the reinforcements and used Dragonclaw to infiltrate the Temple. Dragonclaw threatened them and tried to call over an airport guard. However, Skulduggery quickly told the cop that they were just looking for the toilets. They then took him to the toilets and forced him to tell them about the plans of the Necromancers. After a lengthy torture, Dragonclaw gave in, telling them what he had done, as well as how to enter the Necromancer temple, through a secret tunnel.

After being taken to the tunnel, Skulduggery rendered Dragonclaw unconscious with his gun. When Skulduggery and Valkyrie were later captured, Dragonclaw got ready to torture them. Skulduggery lied about having taken his pen and using it to unlock himself, before he rushed over to Skulduggery and Valkyrie tripped him up. Skulduggery then kicked him in the face with his knee as he fell, and then picked the keys off his body.

Dragonclaw soon got up, and Skulduggery and Valkyrie were surrounded by him on one side and a group of Necromancers with sub-machine guns on the other. Valkyrie took his gun away from him and elbowed him in the face. However, Melancholia showed up and took his, along with all the other Necromancers', life forces.


Bison was bald with a wispy goatee. Unlike the name "Bison" suggests, he was a skinny man.

He was also known to use extreme and unorthodox methods and distractions, a perfect example being using the Jitter Girls to make a getaway.

Despite the fact that he is made fun of for his name, it seems that Dragonclaw possessed some skill, as he was used for important black ops. Of course, due to many Necromancer's being inept at combat, as well as Dragonclaw's stupidity during the course of the book, it is possible that Dragonclaw was only used because he was the best available at the time.


Bison is a Greek word meaning "ox-like animal".

Dragonclaw is made up from two words: dragon and claw.


Death Bringer
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