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Black Annis
Character Information
Species Unknown
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2013
Magic Unknown
Location Deceased

Black Annis is a character who appears in The Slightly Ignominious End To The Legend Of Black Annis and The Maleficent Seven.



Annis spent most of her childhood miserable and alone while the other children threw stones at her and called her names. Her teenage years had been typically awkward as a result, and then she ate everyone in her village so the opportunity for decent conversation became decidedly slimmer. When she was sixteen, the sun started to turn her to stone, so her entire adult life was spent in a variety of caves and ditches where her only source of friendship being Scrannel.

In Books

The Slightly Ignominious End To The Legend Of Black Annis

Black Annis first appears in The Slightly Ignominious End To The Legend Of Black Annis which is a short story based a few months after the third book. The story includes Tanith Low, Annis and Scrannel. Annis is arrested at the end of the story by Tanith, who does not have a remnant inside her yet, and is taken to prison.

The Maleficent Seven


Annis with other members of Tanith's Gang

In The Maleficent Seven, Tanith breaks Annis out of prison so she can join the group to destroy the four god-killers. Annis’ death is shown to be quite brutal. ‘Her blue skin had remained unbreakable, but the business end of a scythe had found its way into her huge gaping mouth, the curving blade piercing her brain from beneath.’ Towards the end of book, after her death, Tanith tells Dusk that only the survivors would get their rewards, so presumably if Annis wasn't dead then Tanith would've killed her. 

Magic and Abilities

Black Annis is short, 5" to be precise, and has long grey black hair. She wears slacks and skirts and she is old but her exact age is unknown. She used to live in caves and ditches with Scrannel, who is a half human, half troll being. He is shown to be unimpressive and not very bright. When she gets mad her jaw snaps making her teeth grow and her skin turns blue transforming into an impenetrable armour for her. Her nails also grow and she is very difficult to kill.


Black Annis had a crush on Springheeled Jack but she is jealous because he fancies another, Sabine. However, nothing happens between them as he dies, along with Sabine and herself. She treated Scrannel like a pet. He presumably stayed in her cave after her imprisonment.


Maleficent Seven
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