• RespectableGent


    May 5, 2018 by RespectableGent
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  • TheZofDeath989

    in the S-P books skulduggery's child is always referred to as child or they, never he/she. What if the child was genderfluid... there is only 1 known genderfluid character in sp, Never. what if they were actually trapped in time, and their reflection was killed instead, then they were later let out of the time loop-thing and adopted.

    I think this explains a fair few things.

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  • Nexiras

    I feel like I'm the only one who didn't like this book.

    I found the plot surprisingly hard to follow (given that it was very linear) and way to ridiculous, even for Skulduggery standards. I think the latter may have to do with the juxtaposition of the serious and too extensive world-building and the resurrection of Skulduggery's evil ex-girfriend (no explanation needed there).

    I do ship Valkyrie and Militsa though. That'd be kinda cute.

    What did you guys think? Am I alone in this view?

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  • SkulduggeryCain


    September 8, 2017 by SkulduggeryCain

    Im up to the fifth book and i want some ship names :P

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  • Dregran

    The day has come! We have a title, as well as a cover, for the new Skulduggery Pleasant book! SPX finally has a name!


    Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection

    The new tagline for the tenth book is "You Can't Keep A Dead Man Down".

    What do you think of the new book?! What about the tagline? Give us your thoughts below!

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  • Dracoblade 10

    Hey there, I'm a fan from Germany (so sorry for my bad english) and I heard rumors about Derek dating one of his fan and that many minions got very upset about it, and my question is: Is it true?

    I don't care if he's dating a fan, I would probaly do the same thing if I'd like the person. But why do some fans feel uncomfortable about this? Is she (or him, I don't know) a minor or something, or are some people just overreacting or even being jealous?

    Would be great if you answer 'cause I'm serously irritated by the reactions (and a lil' bit curious whatever it's true or not).

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  • Dregran

    This is quite late, but Derek's new series has been announced! It's none other than Demon Road (as you have guessed from the articles already created on here)! :D

    If you're super excited, you can read a preview of the first book, Demon Road, right here. Credit goes where credit is due - I had no part in getting the images or the transcript.

    On top of that, the cover has been released! In fact a second version has been made, with some minor alterations. Here is the cover:

    I'm pretty excited myself, despite at first not being that pumped. Are you guys excited? What do you think of the cover? Predictions on the series? Discuss anything about Demon Road here, or check out the Demon Road subforum on the Skulduggery Forums here!

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  • Marino312

    Visual Editor

    January 11, 2015 by Marino312

    To anyone having problems with the new Visual Editor, remember that you can access the Classic Editor from the little arrow beside the Edit Button at the top of the page or by bringing up the Nav-bar from the Bottom Right Corner and choosing the right option.

    Marino312 Bureaucrat and Administrator 19:24, January 11, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Marino312

    For anybody who wants a cohesive narrative of the Theatre of Shadows interactive event, here are some useful resources:

    This children's programme on RTÉ (Ireland's T.V Broadcaster) provided an in-depth account of the event from the Live Operatives' point of view:

    Provides another account: Following in the footsteps of Skulduggery Pleasant…

    The Short story released by Derek Landy is available to read online and tells the account from some of the character's point of view: My dearest Operatives. It will be edited and re-released in the paperback of Armageddon Outta Here.

    The Theatre of Shadows mini-site contains information about Silas Nadir while social media tell the tale of Seamus T Steepe and the goings-on in The Ofiice of Elder Erskine.

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  • Marino312

    The Dying of the Light

    August 22, 2014 by Marino312

    The Dying of the Light will be released very soon and a number of videos have been uploaded to the official website. These videos feature Derek Landy talking about various aspects of the final book.

    The front and back cover art is also available to view; either on Derek's Blog or on this website.

    Most recently, the official trailer for the final book is up on Derek's Blog:

    Finally, I would like to remind you of the Spoiler Policy. Article about Characters, Locations, Events, etc. can be created and placed in the various namespaces on this wiki (e.g, in the Characters Category). But you need to place the Notice at the top of the page to warn readers that there are potential spoilers ahead.

    Happy Reading!

    Marino312 (talk) 17:18, August 22, 2014 (…

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  • Tobias999


    August 17, 2014 by Tobias999

    Just Saying Thx For This Wikia


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  • Marino312

    Just to let you know - Theatre of Shadows is an on-going media event, released to herald the arrival of The Dying of the Light, the final book. However, chronologically, it takes place between Kingdom Of The Wicked and Last Stand Of Dead Men, following the chaos Argeddion created during the Summer of Light.

    Of course, our Wiki is at the forefront of continuous events like this, already providing article on the likes of Moody Mountain and updating relevant articles like Silas Nadir and Erskine Ravel.

    If you have missed part of the story, you can catch up with our complete set of correspondence released during the event, available at our Theatre of Shadows page.

    However, we do need you help for one aspect. For any Operatives attending the live …

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  • YoungEezy27

    Fanon wiki

    July 27, 2014 by YoungEezy27

    Hey guys, i don't edit here much but i'm a huge fan of ther series and i'd like to make a quick suggestion. With all of the fanon content on the wiki why not make a fanon one? 

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  • Marino312

    I've a lot to say but for now here are the most important points:

    The release of this book has severely outdated a lot of our articles, particuarly for main characters. It has also created a number of timeline problems which are discussed here: Discussion with TerriaNight and here: Forums Discussion (Beware of Spoilers!)

    Until we can fix these problems, it is advisable to focus on creating plot synopses for the short stories, new pages for characters like Bubba Moon and updating obsolete biographies like Caelan and Erskine Ravel.

    Unexpectedly, this event has now revealed to be a canonical event, set at least eight weeks after Kingdom Of The Wicked. For now, all that we can do is to reflect the premise in characters' biographies that appear i…

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  • TheCaptainSargey

    The Requiem Ball is to be held to celebrate the release of the final Skulduggery Pleasant novel, The Dying of the Light.

    The event is invitation only and will be held in London, on the 28th of August, 2014, from 6-8pm.

    The only way to obtain an invite is to be the winner of one of the competitions that will be revealed in the coming months.

    Also, 250 Party Packs will be distributed around the world to other winners that cannot attend the ball.

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  • Dregran

    Hello everyone!

    I am terribly sorry for be inactive as of late. Things have happened in real life lately, but I have to admit I have been coming here less due to other internet-commitments and forgetfulness.

    I think the first and most imporant thing I need to do is thank Marino312. Without him, this place would look more messy and nothing would have happened. Thank you, Marino. :)

    Now, onto the stuff. Book nine is coming out in two months from today. Ideally, everything concerning the previous books is updated and there's nothing to do but wait until there's new content. That's never going to happen, but we can try and get as close as possible.

    The first thing to do, is to fill in information on all articles that need more information. I've ne…

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  • Dregran

    Theatre of Shadows!

    June 22, 2014 by Dregran

    Link to Derek's latest blog post:

    Who knows what this is. Apparently you can't sign up if you're from America, so that sucks for the American fans.

    I don't know what this is though, or how we're going to integrate it on the forums. Maybe it's like an SP Pottermore thing?

    Feel free to comment about Theatre of Shadows below!

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  • Marino312

    Isn't it exciting? (As an aside, our list of book above is finally complete!) Soon, we will have to create - as always - a discussion for spoiler, theories etc, when they start appearing. For now at least don't have to worry about that; we can look forward to Armageddon-Outta-Here in two weeks!

    Apart from the paperback of this book and the (possible) paperback of Armageddon-Outta-Here, I don't think we'll be getting much art for our encyclopedia anymore. Unless the film is released....

    Marino312 (talk) 17:18, June 17, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Dregran

    So Derek posted an image, and an image only, in his latest blog post here:

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  • Marino312

    I have compiled a list of plot points to be analysed in the lead up to the last book here:

    Unresolved Plot Points

    Please add anymore you can think of.

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  • Marino312

    Derek Landy announced on his blog that the final book in the series has been sent off to his Editor for copy editing.

    In other news, the Die Horribly competition winner has been announced. See here for details.

    • The Maleficent Seven Paperback - Released
    • Armageddon-Outta-Here - 3rd July 2014
    • The Dying of the Light - 28th August 2014
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  • Dregran

    The Dying of the Light!

    April 20, 2014 by Dregran

    The title of ninth book is...

    What do you think of this title? Tell us here in the comments section!

    Read more on Derek's Blog:

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  • Marino312

    Here is the full cover of the collection, Armageddon-Outta-Here:

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  • Dregran

    So finally, we get to see the cover of Armageddon-Outta-Here! Here it is, in all it's pride and glory:

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  • Melancholia.death.bringer


    December 29, 2013 by Melancholia.death.bringer

    I'm new.

    I love the Skulduggery Pleasant books! I love them so much... :)

    But, here in germany, i have 1-7. And the Tanith Low book. I don't have the 8 book. Thats very sad. (My english is sad to! ;) ) 

    My favourite charakter is Skulduggery, of course! He is funny! German: Ich kann mich voll mit ihm identivizieren! (Wie auch immer das geschrieben wird.) ((You know wat i mean)) 


    Greets, Melancholia ST Clair

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  • Hey IM-grace =)

    OK so my theory is that the reflection will become Stephanie meaning that the piece of non-magical mind she had left was the only thing keeping out Darquesse so now she will become Darqueese for she has no piece of mortalism in her. Valkyrie then has become crazed with magic creating the monster, Darquesse. The reflection now teams up with Skulduggery in a attempt to find Valkyrie. The reflection however is reluctant because when Valkyrie has been rid of Darquesse she will possibly become Stephanie leaving her magic behind. So in the end the reflection either morphs in with Valkyrie/Darquesse or they kill the reflection and Valkyrie marries Skulduggery ( maybe not that end bit ;)  ) Anyway comment if you agree or comment YOUR thoughts.     …

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  • Dregran


    September 1, 2013 by Dregran

    It exists! Hooray!!!

    Here, in this blog, is the only place you can talk about book eight spoilers, without using the nifty anti-spoiler template we have. I know there's some of you who've read the book in 0.32893 seconds after obtaining it, so comment away!

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  • Implord

    Book 8 has arrived!

    August 25, 2013 by Implord

    Finally: The eight book was published!

    I've finished it today, tears in my eyes, some from laughing (well, the very most), some from crying and want to hear your opinions: Have you already bought/ read it? What do you think about it?

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  • Dregran

    Yess! It's been released! All you Valduggery fans will be happy!

    I must say, I'm really impressed with Tom's work on this one. It's really really good.

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  • Dregran

    The Maleficent Seven!

    April 25, 2013 by Dregran

    The Maleficent Seven was released a while ago. We are such speedy admins, that when we made this blog post it was shoved into the future.

    So, discuss The Maleficent Seven! This blog will have tonnes of spoilers, so be wary if you haven't read the latest installment in Derek Landy's published works!

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  • Blogman12

    The title of the eighth Skulduggery Pleasant book has been revealed!

    Feast your eyes upon:

    Skulduggery Pleasant: Last Stand of Dead Men!

    Skulduggery Pleasant: Last Stand of Dead Men will be released on 29 August 2013.

    Blogman12 08:41, March 2, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Dregran

    29th August 2013

    February 1, 2013 by Dregran

    Book Eights release date! Huzzah!

    An email has been sent out. I point you to this link here: But if you're lazy, I shall paste the image: [1]. Still feeling lazy? Well, here's the important text:

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  • Manga Maniac

    Recently, Derek Landy (you may have heard of him, he's this author person) finally started his Twitter. To start with, he posted a fascinating tale about a girl called Mary told through tweets. It involved axe murderers.

    I've posted up a picture so you can read it unpreceeded by a bunch of other comments. Shall also have a non-back-to-front version later, so you can read it non-back-to-frontly. There may be future Twitter stories, too, so if you wish to subscribe to Landy, now is the time...

    Hmm, I wonder. In future, if this keeps up, may we expand this to a Derek Landy wiki? Landypedia, perhaps. But, the future.

    Read it as it was on twitter, from bottom to top, or read a top to bottom transcription of it.

    Alas, I think something is lost with …

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  • Kingbirdy

    Finally caught up

    January 9, 2013 by Kingbirdy

    Just thought I'd let everyone know I've finally gotten ahold of the most recent two books (yay Christmas!) and am back up to speed again. I'll resume editing again now that I am safe from spoilers, for the most part. Now if only I could get ahold of those short stories...

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  • Kingbirdy
    "And so, as we wave goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013 with open arms, I thank you for all your support. And I'm not just talking about the Minions who comment on this Blog, or the Minions who populate the Forums or the Facebook page or Skuldpedia or the Roarhaven page, or the Minions who obsess about Skulduggery on tumblr or have set up their own websites, and I'm not just talking about the astonishing artists and writers who frequent deviantART and those nutters who follow me on Twitter EVEN THOUGH I NEVER TWEET..."


    I mean, granted, it was spelled wrong, but that's okay, we still love you Derek!

    On an unrelated note, all this talk about NYE has me thoroughly worried about a certain doctor.

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  • Manga Maniac

    "The Button" Is Out Now!

    December 21, 2012 by Manga Maniac

    Ah, the end of the world. No, not that one, the 21st December thing. Truly, a time for celebrations.

    For, you see, even if the world ends, there is a super-cool new short story! 'Tis called "The Button", and it's about... a button. But, this is no ordinary button. It can end the world!

    Read here, and quickly, because Derek's going to remove it on the 22nd/23rd.

    Unless you know how to Google, because frankly it's going to end up copy/pasted everywhere.

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  • Jeremiah Ong Ray

    So throughout the books people have been dropping hints about the man with the golden eyes and how he seems to be this super-powerful, mysterious figure, what do you think are his plans? What is his connection with Madame Mist? How does he seem to know so much and be able to sneak into the sanctuary itself. What is the ultimate goal of his plans?

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  • Alffiee

    SP Meme

    November 5, 2012 by Alffiee

    I created this Skulduggery Pleasant meme guideline for Tumblr which I will be doing myself & If anyone else wants to participate then feel free :')

    ' Skulduggery Pleasant Meme '

    hopefully it'll be fun to do ;) I'm going to do mine with drawings to accompany but just text is fine too obvs.~

    Day 1: Top 3 favourite characters

    Day 2: Top 3 least favourite characters

    Day 3: Favourite scene

    Day 4: Got head-canon about something?

    Day 5: Your favourite ship (pairing~)

    Day 6: Something you wish was canon / want to happen

    Day 7: A song that you associate with a character, a pairing, a scene or/and a book?

    Day 8: Favourite villain

    Day 9: Favourite book so far

    Day 10: Least favourite book

    (the post on Tumblr:

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  • JanusWriter

    Hey guys. So I found about this awesome Youtube channel where figures of history and pop culture battle each other with raps. Here's an example: Anyway, when I was watching this, I absolutely thought of Skulduggey battling either Harry Dresden (another sorcerer detective, I'm a big fan of him too), or Harry Potter (a rivial of the Skulduggery Pleasant series. I'm not a fan of the Harry Potter series really, I mean I like Rowling's writing and how it got kids to read, it's just the plots don't intrigue me enough to read them). In comments, people offer who should rap next. I presented my offers, but there has to be more people to comment the same offer in order for it to happen. The point is, if yo…

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  • JanusWriter


    October 25, 2012 by JanusWriter

    This is just a thought that occured while I was reading the books. You know that gauntlet Valkyrie wears according to the future visions? Well, maybe that's the gauntlet from Lord Vile's armours. Makes sense, eh.

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  • Finn2101

    what i think

    September 4, 2012 by Finn2101

    i think darquesse is valkyrie but the anger that the reflection stored is where the fire come from.

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  • Darkskull19

    About 2 days left for K-O-T-W! I could afford with the seconds left but... You see, I am a bit lazy to write down the seconds left. Let's just go with 2 days, Ok?

    Good. So yeah. 2 days. How do you guys feel?

    Me? I need another page for this you see. ^^

    The whole state is excited... A half of it is enough to be counted as something so the whole state excited for KoTW is something else to celebrate! Although we get the books late, we have faith in flying books. Best book delivery. Ever.

    I'm also planning a small worldwide celebration when the countdown finally ends. It is small, but its worth trying. ;]

    So yeah, what do you guys think?

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  • Darkskull19

    BBC/Skul Short Film

    August 22, 2012 by Darkskull19

    Alright. So I go to vacation and new profile pictures are revealed WITH the BBC/Skul short film news. Amazing timing, right there.

    Well, I think this short film is "really real" since Derek wrote about it in his blog and he seems pretty amused by this. I'm sure you've already read it but I couldn't help it you see.

    It's not official though, BBC doesn't have anything about the project or anything like that on their website. No secret codes, no news written in "caps lock". NOTHIN'.

    But this blog's main purpose, was to babble about pancakes discuss creating a page for this upcoming amazing short film. Should we do so?

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  • Blogman12

    Until 22 August 2012, the ofiicial Facebook page will be revealing 10 new character profiles. Each day will reveal a new character, and a clue will be given before each reveal (created by Derek himself!. We will of course upload the new picture to the character profile! Below are the characters, clues and the complete profiles.

    • Day 1 - In his own estimation, he’s been a killer and a king- but now he’s falling apart. Who is he?
    • Day 2 - What disturbing character is described as being neither male nor female?
    • Day 3 - He’s brooding, dark, dangerous and quite humourless. Also his romantic streak is quite… overbearing. Who is he?
    • Day 4 - Whose hair might remind you of a demented porcupine?
    • Day 5 - Which blonde came very close to ending the world?
    • Day …

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  • Dregran

    KotW Spoilers

    July 26, 2012 by Dregran

    Since KotW is out, there will be spoilers. Please put the spoiler tag -

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  • Dregran

    Naturally, I don't have the book yet. But some of you might. So you can talk here.

    But please put major spoilers in the spoiler text tag. Example:

    will give: "I liked it when "

    Eh, most people won't do that, so I added the spoiler banner.

    EDIT: Manga here. Just pointing out the spoiler text can be read if you highlight it. And now you know.

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  • Darkskull19

    Bah, Abandoned Blog

    July 13, 2012 by Darkskull19

    Oh hi there. *cough* You're looking pretty good. But you see, I don't. The only thing missing here is a mirror bre-... *mirror cracks* Oh alright, this is new.

    So I've been recently to Turkey, thanks to my mom persuading my dad perfectly. I could never achieve to change my dad's mind. Like, you see, I wanted to go to London since I pretty much adore it but my good ol'dad does his best to be annoying. I lost the fight, to be honest. And we did need a good place for a vacation. My mom's an architect and she talks in "architect-ish" codes which make me pretty disoriented but it create a reason good enough to change his mind Etc, etc, etc, importing and eating kebab.

    This is stuff is boring.

    It's been pretty hard to fly there, to be honest. We ne…

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  • Dregran

    The winners have been announced! Congratulations to all the winners, and well done to all who entered!

    If you're too lazy to click the link:

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  • Dregran


    Chapter one is up. Please let us know your thoughts on it.

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  • JanusWriter

    Hey guys, thanks for clicking this. First off....I WAS RIGHT! MY PSYCHIC INSTINCTS WERE RIGHT! THE COVER'S TITLE WAS GOLD! Second off, I thought the cover was...okay, but I realised it missed something, it only took a moment before I realised what it was...BLACK AND WHITE. The main character on the front is ALWAYS black and white to create the old noir film flair. The cover we all saw didn't have it. So I decided to try and make Skulduggery in it completely black and white.

    So? Does it look better or not?

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