"He can break bones with the gentlest of touches. Highly unusual ability, but extremely effective."
Kenspeckle Grouse, talking about Tesseract, Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil
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Tesseract, the only known Bonebreaker.
Magic Type Adept
Power Breaking/shattering bones upon contact
Notable User(s) Tesseract

Bonebreaker is a rare type of Adept magic.

As its name implies, it allows its users to break bones merely by touching them. This makes it extremely dangerous at close quarters, as even light touches inflict great and possibly fatal injuries. Broken bones tend to shatter completely, meaning that if the bone was protecting a vital organ, the outcome is almost certainly fatal. Tesseract was able to kill a man by grabbing and then imploding his skull, and later killed a victim by touching them on the chest (presumably shards of bone were embedded in the victim's brain and heart respectively).

The main weakness, according to Tesseract, was that he could only use it by touching the enemy with his fingertips, and any other contact would not allow use of his power. It is ineffective at longer distances as it only works through contact, allowing Davina Marr to escape simply by running away and avoiding contact.

Known Users