Byron Grace
Character Information
Given Name Paul Matthews
Taken Name Byron Grace
True Name Unknown
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Between 2003 and 2004
Age 14
Magic Elemental, Adept (before surge)
Faction Arcanum's Scholars (formerly)
Location Corrival Academy
Relations Rose Matthews (Mother)

Unamed Father

Byron Grace is a third year student at Corrival Academy and a former member of Arcanum's Scholars in the Skulduggery Pleasant series.


Byron Grace was born to a mortal family in Ballyfermot between 2003-04. Neither of his parents were sorcerers, but his father found out about Bryon's magical abilities and arranged for him to go to Corrival Academy when he was around 10-11. hIs mother did not know about his magic abilities, but apparently did not show him very much care or attention for most of his life. He at some point joined the 'study group' Arcanum's Scholars, who were anti-mortal and secretly worked for the Anti-Sanctuary. Byron joined because he thought they held anti-mortal views like him, as he felt shut out from his mortal life. However he soon realised that Arcanum's Scholars hated mortals to the extreme.


During the events of Resurrection, Byron's mask was stolen by Omen Darkly, leading to Lilt casually mentioning that Byron would have to be killed at some point. Later on, Bryon quit the Scholars as he felt that what they were doing was wrong. He then went to his mortal home, where he was found by Valkyrie and Omen; and later a mind-controlled Skulduggery and Nero, with Smoke in tow. Smoke corrupted Byron and made him think that Byron wanted to kill his parents. Byron was fortunately stopped by Omen, who fought him and later knocked him out.

Powers and Abilities

Byron has not yet had his surge, and so can use both Adept and Elemental magic. It is not known whether he favours a particular discipline.