Burgundy Dalrymple
Character Information
Taken Name Burgundy Dalrymple
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Before The War
Age Unknown
Death December 2010
Magic Unknown
Weapons Swords
Location Deceased

Burgundy Dalrymple was a master swordsman on the side of Mevolent during the War.


Early Life

Burgundy was a swordsman fighting for Mevolent during the War. When the Remnants originally escaped, before the events of the books, he was possessed by one of them. Although he didn't remember anything, he says he felt complete.

The Remnant Outbreak

Burgundy holds one half of the key needed to activate the giant Soul Catcher and stop the Remnants but refuses to hand it over to Skulduggery and China when they come looking for it. He wishes to be taken over once more by a Remnant to make him feel complete again despite not even remembering what happened during his possession.

Burgundy tells Skulduggery that if he can defeat him in a sword fight he will hand over his half of the key. China takes Skulduggery's place when he is bested by Burgundy, who claims to be fighting below his usual standard, but she to is unable to defeat the master swordsman. Skulduggery announces that they will be forced to cheat and he attacks Burgundy whilst he is fighting China but fails to land the blow.

Eventually, after a two versus one battle, Skulduggery and China believe they have won until, in a scene inspired by The Princess Bride, Burgundy announces that he is not right handed. He proceeds to switch to his left hand and injures Skulduggery, dominating the battle. When Skulduggery and China eventually prevail the Skeleton Detective shows his dark and brutal side when he breaks Burgundy's wrist and steps on it until Burgundy passes out in order to take the half of the key needed to save the world.

Later, Burgundy shoots and injures Billy-Ray Sanguine before accidentally leading Sanguine, Skulduggery and Tanith to the Remnants and Valkyrie. When he falls on his knees before Valkyrie, who becomes Darquesse, he is killed by a kick that goes directly through his head, which causes his brain to bounce like a football.

Magic and skills

His Magic powers are unknown. Whether he uses magic to amplify his sword skills is unknown. However he is a master swordsman, able to beat both China and Skulduggery in a sword fight, separately and simultaneously, despite admitting to not having fought or practiced for one hundred years and even saying his form was "sloppy".