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Character Information
Taken Name Caisson
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Absorbs Life Force
Location Unknown
Relations Abyssinia (mother)

Lord Vile (alleged father)

The Unnamed (grandfather) Solace (lover)

Caisson is the alleged son of Lord Vile and Abyssinia, though whether his father is actually Lord Vile has not been confirmed.



The War

Caisson was still young when his mother Abyssinia was attacked by the Diablerie and the Dead Men. Abyssinia made a secret deal with China Sorrows, sacrificing her own life in exchange for allowing Caisson to live and be raised by China. Caisson grew up in Mevolent's castle pretending to be a servant's child to not raise suspicions, but as he got older it became harder for him to avoid attention and his hatred for Mevolent grew stronger every year. China, who had grown to love the boy and wanted to protect him, defected from Mevolent's side and agreed to help the Sanctuaries if she was allowed to return to Ireland. Caisson, who had grown into a very angry young man, wanted revenge against Skulduggery Pleasant for killing his mother. He sought him out and tried to kill him, but Skulduggery defeated him easily and almost killed him. Caisson was found, fatally wounded, by Solace, a former handmaiden of Serafina, and she nursed him back to health. They lived happily for a long time until Solace was captured and taken back to Mevolent's castle, where Serafina planned to torture her. Caisson sneaked in to rescue his beloved, but couldn't resist the opportunity to kill Mevolent by stabbing him and then draining his life force. The two lovers escaped, but China Sorrows revealed their location to Serafina, who captured Caisson.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Midnight

Caisson spent a few hundred years being experimented on by Serafina's people until Cadaverous Gant tricked the Anti-Sanctuary into helping him rescue Caisson, only to take him for himself. Gant kept him in the Midnight Hotel as bait for Abyssinia, who had been resurrected by the Anti-Sanctuary a few months preciously. Abyssinia teamed up with Skulduggery Pleasant and Temper Fray just long enough to find Caisson and take him away. Caisson himself spent the entire events of the book unconscious.