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Carol Edgley (Reflection)
Character Information
Species Reflection
Gender Female
Birth N/A
Age N/A
Magic none
Location Ireland

Carol Edgley (Reflection) is a reflection of Carol Edgley that is created by Carol, after she touches a mirror, to create her own reflection at the request of Stephanie Edgley, Valkyrie Cain's own reflection. She takes Carol's place when the original Carol is killed by Stephanie to allow for the Sceptre of The Ancients, from an alternate universe, to work for her.


Kingdom of The Wicked

The Reflection is created when Carol Edgley touches her bedroom mirror, creating a reflection of her. Carol is then killed by Stephanie Edgley and the reflection is told to take over Carol's life and make sure she keeps away from Crystal Edgley.

Last Stand of The Dead Men