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Cassandra Pharos
Character Information
Taken Name Cassandra Pharos
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death Sometime in 2015
Magic Seer, Sensitive
Titles Cassie
Location Deceased

Cassandra Pharos is a Sensitive. She is acquaintances with Finbar Wrong.



Cassandra was taught guitar in the 1880s.

Dark Days

Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkryie Cain, upon hearing about rumours circulating the magical community about Darquesse, a sorcerer predicted to purportedly destroy the world, decided to visit Cassandra Pharos. Finbar Wrong, another Sensitive with visions of Darquesse, referred Skulduggery and Valkyrie to Pharos, as he felt that she would be able to provide better results.

Pleasant, Cain, and Wrong visited Pharos at her home. When Skulduggery complimented her, Pharos, in an act of modesty, stated that Skulduggery was lying, and that she really looked awful. However, she was still grateful for the compliment, stating that she didn't care if it was a lie. Pharos then states that she is a Sensitive that requires more effort for less results. Due to this, Pharos utilizes various tools to assist her visions in gaining more clarity, part of the reason Wrong recommended her.

Cassandra then showed Skulduggery, Valkyrie, and Wrong a vision of Darquesse. She uses a special tool called a Steam Chamber, which manifests her visions into steam/smoke form, allowing for easier viewing by others. She commences her vision, which shows Darquesse destroying the world, and her killing Valkyrie's parents. She also gives Valkyrie a Dream Whisperer, which later reveals Valkyrie as Darquesse.

Kingdom Of The Wicked

Cassandra briefly seen at the end of the book, working with several other Sensitives to build a psychic block in the mind of Argeddion, implanting a new identity in him, thus eliminating the threat he posed to the world.

Theatre of Shadows

She contacts Tipstaff and tells him that she can communicate with Skulduggery and Valkyrie but that she is very weak because the runes are blurring his vision so only one question may be asked.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

Pharos is briefly seen in Book 8, summoning Skulduggery and Valkyrie to her house, in order to give them an updated version of the vision they viewed in Dark Days. The vision contains several more apparitions, including Erskine Ravel in pain, Ghastly Bespoke and Tanith Low kissing, and Valkyrie's parents and sister dying to Darquesse. While the visions are seemingly deemed false with the deaths of Ghastly and Anton Shudder, the prediction of Ravel in pain does come true, which indicates that the other visions may come true, after all.

After her updated vision, Pharos senses a group of men surrounding the house. They are agents of the Supreme Council, who have been sent to kill Skulduggery and Valkryie. The two leave Pharos to dispatch the agents, and Pharos is not seen after this.

The Dying of the Light

She shows Skulduggery and Stephanie the future. She later talks with them about Finbar's dream.

The Night of Knives

Cassandra, like Finbar, was killed in the Night of Knives.


Cassandra is unlike other Sensitives. Her abilites require more effort for less results. She sometimes gets glimspes during meditation, come into her head without warning or in her dreams. Because of this, she has objects to help her, such as the Steam Chamber, which manifests her visions into physical steam.


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