Elementals are magicians that use the four classical elements (earth, air, fire and water) in combat and in leisure.

  • Air: Can be utilised to propel an object or oneself through the air by visualising the air as a series of objects and pushing at it, creating a gust of wind. It is also able to create solid walls of air and levitate objects. Skulduggery was also able to use it to fly. (Related to levitation)
  • Earth: Used as a last defence in extreme situations. Covers the user in rock and when coated the user will be trapped in this form for periods ranging from weeks to years. In Mortal Coil, it is shown that Skulduggery made the floor cave in through earth magic, saying it was just a natural progression.
  • Fire: Using friction to create a spark and ultimately a flame, fire is used as an effective projectile. The fire that is made can be manipulated as well as fire that was not made by the sorcerer.
  • Water: Can be utilised to perform feats such as walking on water to forming water from vapour. The user can also manipulate it.

The uses of these elements can vary depending on the skills and uniqueness of the user.

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