Caves of the Void
Caves of the Void Information
Name(s) Caves of the Void
Major events The Search for the Black Crystals, Lord Vile and the Death Bringer, Rebirth of Darquesse
Inhabitants Anathem Mire, creatures
Part of Ireland

The Caves of the Void are caves under Gordon Edgley's house. They are home to many unique creatures who are immune to, and often feed on, magic.


Source Fountain

A pool were anything you put into it turns magical. The God-Killers were placed into this pool by the Ancients. Much later, Darquesse possessed Stephanie's corpse by placing it in the pool. The cavern the pool was in was accessible by a fissure in the wall and was about the size of Valkyrie's back garden.

Anathem Mire's house

Anethem Mire built a house there. He built his house in a cavern connected to the Source Fountain as none of the dangerous inhabitants of the Caves ever came close to it. When More left the vicinity to follow Valkyrie and subsequently died, the House disappeared, leaving an empty, flat space.



  • The Caves have appeared in the final book of the three trilogies of the series.