Character Information
Taken Name Charivari
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death October 2013
Magic Warlock
Titles Dark Sorcerer
Location Deceased

Charivari was a dark sorcerer who lived in France. He was a practitioner of Warlock magic.


The Destruction of Wolfsong

He and his fellow warlocks lived on the other side of a mountain, but one day several young sorcerers from Wolfsong appeared and attacked. Angered, he and the other warlocks killed the sorcerers. When backup arrived, Trebuchet being part of it, Charivari fought them off easily. He sent Trebuchet on his horse and sent the Wraiths after him, which then preceded to destroy Wolfsong.

Mortal Coil

During the meeting to elect the new Irish Council of Elders, Flaring cited Charivari as one of the dark sorcerers who hated Ireland and was plotting against it. This was his first mention in the books.

Last Stand of Dead Men

He was the leader of the Warlocks in Book 8 and was described to be ten feet tall, with enormous muscles and veins that pulsated before every light blast.

He was first mentioned by a Dubhóg Ni Broin who was being interrogated by Valkyrie Cain and Skulduggery Pleasant, who stated that Charivari was raising an army with the intent of attacking the mortals, whom he believed were behind a series of Warlock killings by the mysterious Department X.

Charivari was first physically seen in Africa, encountered by two Supreme Council agents tasked with killing an African Sensitive. However, upon arriving at the Sensitive's location, the two agents discovered that Charivari had gotten there first, killing the Sensitive's bodyguards, as well as the Sensitive himself, when he was unable to provide Charivari with any information on Department X. Charivari then brutally killed one agent, before killing the other after attempting to interrogate her about Department X.

The Man with Golden Eyes was shocked and disgusted when his plan to fool the Warlocks was seen through. Charivari led his forces to Roarhaven City rather than to Dublin as was expected and sent Wretchlings in to weaken the mages. He then proceeded to enter the city after a long siege (in which Mantis, Regis, Ashione and other sorcerers were killed) and fought Dexter Vex, Saracen Rue and Valkyrie Cain's reflection.

Charivari was killed by the reflection using the Sceptre of the Ancients during the the Battle of Roarhaven. He had his hands around her throat, but did not kill her quick enough and so she zapped him.

Powers and abilities

Charivari is shown to be an immensely powerful mage, his colossal size (ten feet) and muscle mass alone makes him a dangerous enemy, having shown to be able to snap necks and throw bodies with ease. Charivari's Warlock abilities give a resistance to damage that allow him to heal and offensive powers that include shooting streams and balls of energy. Charivari is powerful enough to beat Dexter Vex, Saracen Rue, Donegan Bane and Gracious O'Callahan in combat.


  • During his fight with the Reflection, the two misquoted from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The reflection said "All I have to do is think", rather than "scream" as Elsa said in the film.


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