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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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China's Library
China's Library Information
Name(s) China's Library
Inhabitants China Sorrows
Part of Ireland

China's Library is a giant library belonging to China Sorrows. China's Library contains many extremely rare or one-of-a-kind books. Her library is also attuned to people's emotions, but more so to hers. She uses this to her advantage in escaping from the Remnants in Mortal Coil. The library was torched by Eliza Scorn in Death Bringer.


The books are arranged quite differently to normal libraries. They are arranged in order of magical ability. Meaning the books on Magic for beginners are at one end, and books on far more advanced magic at the other. It is also mentioned that China's Library is attuned to peoples feelings/emotions and that the stacks of books change accordingly.


China uses the stacks of books to knock people out of the way and make a clear path for her to exit.

Known Books

  • An Introductory Guide to Monster Hunting (possibly by the Monster Hunters)
  • The Mad Sorcerer forgery spell book
  • Three Names books
  • Elemental Magic books


Death Bringer