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"China Sorrows, China Sorrows. She's the one, she's the one. Nefarian Serpine killed Skulduggery Pleasant, but China Sorrows led his family into the trap."
Remus Crux revealing China's secret, Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark Days
China Sorrows
China sorrows
Character Information
Taken Name China Sorrows
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age over 400
Death Alive (normal dimension)
2012 (Mevolent's dimension)
Magic Symbols, Adept
Faction The Diablerie (formerly), The Irish Sanctuary
Weapons Symbols tattooed and cut into her body, giving her abilities such as great strength.
Titles Grand Mage (formerly), Supreme Mage
Location Roarhaven, Ireland
Relations Mr. Bliss (brother)

China Sorrows is a collector of magical objects and tomes, the rarer the better. She is a powerful Adept, being able to make almost any person, regardless of sexuality, fall instantly and helplessly in love with her.

She was partly responsible for the death of Skulduggery Pleasant's family. After a number of adventures together, her secret was revealed to Skulduggery. Two years later, she met with him again and revealed she was jealous of his wife. They then proceeded to end the Battle of Roarhaven by taking down the Man with Golden Eyes. She used Symbol Magic to sacrifice herself to defeat Madame Mist but she was saved by Darquesse. She then declared herself Grand Mage of Ireland.



China Sorrows was born around 400 years ago. It is known that China used to worship the Faceless Ones and was told stories about them by her grandmother, she even founded the Diablerie. She lead Skulduggery and his family into a trap where she personally took on Skulduggery's wife one on one and defeated her. It is heavily implied that China was partially motivated to do this because at some point before Skulduggery met his wife, China fell in love with him, so she felt resentment and jealousy towards Skulduggery's wife. She also fought Hopeless in the 1850's.

During the war against Mevolent, China was a part of a temporary alliance between the Dead Men and the Diablerie that aimed to kill Abyssinia . China was separated from the group and captured by Abyssinia. While captured by Abyssinia, China convinced her to sacrifice herself to ensure her son, Caisson's, safety. In exchange, China raised Caisson as her own child. After many years of raising Caisson in secret in Mevolent's own castle, China defected and started working with the sanctuaries to ensure Caisson's continued safety. Despite China's uncharacteristically nurturing relationship with Caisson, China betrayed him to Serafina by telling her Caisson's location after he killed Mevolent.

After China left the Diablerie Baron Vengeous took over the organization.

The Truce is Broken

In Skulduggery Pleasant, China is a collector; she does not participate if she can help it, and is content with supplying Skulduggery and Valkyrie with leads to help them on their investigations. She is very approachable. In the first book, China describes herself as neutral. However, she rescues both Skulduggery and Valkyrie several times throughout the book. After the Sceptre of the Ancients is robbed of it's power, China takes it as a keepsake. During the first book Skulduggery warns Valkyrie not to trust China; he is shown to be right about her when China imprisons Valkyrie to stop her from rescuing Skulduggery. China can be a very shifty person as she is cunning and even at times wicked. China is very important contributor in Skulduggery's career (Detective).

Rise of the Grotesquery

In the second book, she, Tanith and Bliss save Valkyrie from Billy-Ray Sanguine. After this she is not heard from again until much later. She employs two bodyguards, Sev and Zephyr, to protect her from Baron Vengeous but they are both killed. China and Vengeous clash, but China is overwhelmed by the Necromancer's power.

When the Grotesquery rises, she attacks Vengeous, aiding Skulduggery and Valkyrie in killing him once and for all. Vengeous regards her as a traitor to the Faceless Ones.

Return of the Diablerie

In the third book, she is endlessly pursued by Remus Crux, Skulduggery's incompetent replacement at the Sanctuary. Crux blackmails her, and it is implied she was involved with Skulduggery coming back to life, and that he would kill her if he ever found out. She ultimately refuses to comply, however, remaining loyal to Skulduggery.

China is arrested shortly after her second visit from Crux, but they are stopped by Jaron Gallow. Jaron tries to bring her back as the leader of the Diablerie, but China refuses. Gallow states that he is ready to kill the current leader for her, but China remains adamant. Just as Gallow begins to show signs of aggression, China uses her symbols to escape.

The Battle of Aranmore

She also fought at Aranmore Farm, her main target Gruesome Krav. Mr. Bliss soon arrives and attacks him for trying to destroy the only family he had left.

After the Faceless Ones get through the portal, China finds Remus Crux again, who has gone insane as a result of looking at one of the gods. China finds her secret intact, takes the Sceptre from him and goes to kill him, but is stopped by Valkyrie, who unwittingly saves him by demanding the Sceptre. China, thinking that killing Crux would seem suspicious, lets him live.

The Revengers' Club

In Dark Days, China aids the group in rescuing Skulduggery by overseeing the ceremony to open the portal. However she is attacked by Cleavers and shot but initiates a healing process and is very weak as a result for the rest of the book.

During Valkyrie's visit to her library, China tells her that Sanguine is actually Scarab's son.

It is also revealed by Remus Crux that Serpine killed Skulduggery, but China led his family into the trap. China shot Crux after he attempted to blackmail her using this information.

She later helps force the Remnant out of Kenspeckle Grouse using her symbols.

The Remnant Outbreak

China is first seen in her library, where Valkyrie tells her that she is part of their "group". Later on, when all the Remnants possess everyone, she escapes from her library, knowing that the magic sigil she had laid upon the door isn't going to hold the posessed inside.

At the Hibernian Cinema she tries to make phone calls to people, but no one answers.

China sorrows

China Sorrows' battle card

When China was back with the group, Clarabelle saw her and is fascinated by her. At Gordon's house, she tries to "help" Valkyrie find a book she was looking for to help stop the Remnants from the books upstairs. Skulduggery stops her and told her there's not any rare books she can add to her collection. When Gordon is finally revealed to the group, he sees her, he says that she is even more beautiful. China later goes with Skulduggery to get one half of the key for the Soul Catcher from a former swordsman, Burgundy Dalrymple. When she sees that Skulduggery is going to lose the sword fight, she asks if she can replace Skulduggery for the remainder of the duel. She loses as well but after he was told by Skulduggery that all the Remnants are loose, Dalrymple became unfocused for a moment and China lashes out, winning the fight. They retrieved the key and set out to meet the group.

China is later possessed by a Remnant, and attacks Tanith, Ghastly, Skulduggery and Sanguine. She steals the key, but Sanguine manages to get it back from her.

The Wonderful Adventures of Geoffrey Scruntinous

A few months after the Remnant Outbreak, she spoke to Skulduggery Pleasant over the phone.

Rise of the Death Bringer

In the sixth book, China is summoned by a man called Jajo Prave who reveals that it was Eliza Scorn who ordered him to summon her to the Church of the Faceless where she is going meet Eliza. Scorn arrives and blackmails China into bringing back the Church to its former glory by threatening to tell Skulduggery that she was involved in his family's deaths. China doesn't want Skulduggery to know, so agrees to help.

China meets with Jaron Gallow, who tells her that Scorn should be brought down, and China is suspicious that Gallow is up to something. Later, Jaron is introduced to China by Scorn. They plan to bring out recruits to help bring back the Church.

China attends the Requiem Ball and Jaron phones her. She meets him in the parking lot, but he is killed by Scorn. Later, after Melancholia is defeated, and induced in a coma, Scorn plants bombs around China's library and apartment. Skulduggery receives an urgent message from China and Skulduggery drove to the building. Skulduggery and Valkyrie arrives and sees Scorn and China fight. Scorn reveals China's secret, then blows up China's library and her apartment. Skulduggery left the scene with Valkyrie without another word.

Alternate Universe China Sorrows

In the seventh book of the seriesSkulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of the Wicked, an alternate universe version of China appears. Having seemingly betrayed Mevolent and become the new rebel leader. China met Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain when the latter uncontrollably Dimensional Shunted  to the Alternate Dimension courtisy of Silas Nadir. She appeared to use Anton Shudder as her personal bodyguard, keeping him at her side at all times.

As with the "main timeline China" she was revealed to be responsible for the capture and murder of Skulduggery Pleasant's family. And seemed very surprised that the "main timeline Skulduggery" had not killed her counterpart. 

China was also in the possession of Nefarian Serpine, who had apparently abandoned Mevolent's side and went to her for sanctuary. China apparently did not trust Serpine however, and chose to keep him locked up as her prisoner. 

After Skulduggery and Valkyrie (with the help of Serpine) succeeded in stealing the Scepter of the Ancients from Mevolent's castle, the two of them prepared to return to their own universe. However, this universe's China proved to be no more trust-worthy then the real one, who betrayed them and stole the scepter from them. With a warning that if they ever returned then they would both be killed.

Later when both Darquesse and Mevolent come looking for the scepter, China is eventually forced to give the weapon to Darquesse, whom had managed to find and corner her. Bidding Darquesse good luck in her battle against Argeddion. Just as Darquesse was about to return to her own universe, however, China was ambushed from behind and supposedly killed by Serpine. Although she had been stabbed in the back, it isn't truly confirmed that she died because as seen in Dark Days, she posseses great self-healing abilities, as she is able the remove a bullet and heal the damage the bullet had done.

In the main universe China Sorrows has disappeared. She has stayed undercover in fear of what Skulduggery and others might do to her if she encountered them.

War between Sanctuaries

China retreated to one of her last safe apartments after most of her staff and strongholds throughout the world were destroyed by Scorn. Valkyrie turned up on her doorstep unexpectedly seeking advice. They discussed methods of memory loss, including Myosotis Terra.

China was later attacked by Foe's gang at the request of the Supreme Council. She managed to evade them long enough to lead them to the Church of the Faceless where Eliza Scorn was residing. She then forced them to work for herself.

Later, she took refuge in Roarhaven City and was present for the subsequent battle. She joined with Skulduggery and the two took on the Terror, the Scourge and the White Cleaver. In the final battle with Madame Mist and the Man with Golden Eyes, however, she realised she would soon be beaten and used her last resort magic to sacrifice herself and kill Mist. She was saved by the untimely arrival of Darquesse.

Later, she declared herself Grand Mage of Ireland.

The Dying of the Light

As Grand Mage, China used her powers to dismantle the Church of the Faceless by ordering Vincent Foe and his Gang to join the Church. As criminals weren't allowed to join, this would give her an excuse to shut it down. Eliza Scorn came to her later and accused China of setting her up, which China agreed with.

Later, she coordinated the Irish Sanctuary's response to three threats - the Super-charged Sorcerers, the Remnants and Darquesse. She used a Soul Catcher to extract Darquesse from Valkyrie's body.


In the five years since The Dying of the Light, China declared herself Supreme Mage and works to expand Roarhaven and make the city more self-sufficient and less reliant on the mortal world. She makes Skulduggery City Guard Commander. After the accidental manslaughter of ex-Grand Mage of America while in custody, there were rumours going about how those who opposed the Supreme Mage would be executed; a rumour China liked, as it would keep people in line. After a disagreement about this, Skulduggery quit and joined the Arbiter Corps.


China's is most commonly seen using symbols, for both offensive and defensive purposes, although she also has the rare ability to make people fall in love with her as soon as they see her, something which only a few resist. Her symbols can be found everywhere, in her library, in her apartment, even as invisible sigils on her body. Each symbol wields a different power; sometimes as potent as hurling shockwaves of blue energy at her enemies, or as simple as boiling the water in a kettle. Other known symbols on China's body are symbols that summon daggers of sharp red energy and light when hurled at her opponents, shooting a single energy beam from both of her palms, and red symbols on her knuckles, which give her enhanced strength. She also has a symbol by her jaw bone which initiates the a healing process and forces out any unknown materials, and a symbol on the palm of her hand which kills anyone who is touching it. It is also stated that China has symbols on her legs which allow her to fall from great heights and land on both legs as if it were a slight drop. She is able to aid other people with the use of her symbol magic, too, and can even lend people their magical properties by carving the symbols into their bodies- an example of this is when she created the façade tattoos for both Ghastly and Skulduggery, which they could then use to create false faces with.


China is a very coy, mysterious and manipulative character. Obsessed with her library and possessions, it is heavily implied that China has little time for human company, and appears to be more interested in material objects. The same does not seem to apply to those around her however, as on numerous ocassions people have met her and instantly fell in love with her. She uses her natural charm and beauty as a way to get what she desires though - a prime example being The Faceless Ones, where someone she wishes to buy a book from gives it to her for free as "a token of [his] love". She also comes across very cold, keeping a calm, uncaring attitude to everything around her. Regardless, she is charming, although- like said above- only when it benefits her. She considered her childhood of believing in the Faceless Ones to be 'happy but insane' but still retained some sense of nostalgia by designing her library similarly to the one of her childhood home where the books would move around according to the person's mood. In one of the books China says to Valkyrie that when she was in charge of the Diablerie she was considered dangerous even by that on a zealots standards. When China approaches Crux outside the Church of the Faceless she says to him that she was unhappy that he attempted to harm Valkyrie as she actually liked her, showing that she had began to develop feelings to her 'friends/allies'.

As the books go on however, she has started to develop some mild, human tendencies. She admits to feeling lonely on one ocassion in Death Bringer, but only to herself. Valkyrie's thoughts after learning that China had been responsible for the death of Skulduggery's family reveal that she had begun to think of China as a friend, although this obviously changed after the revelation.

Perhaps China's most distinguishable trait to date is her love of horses. Despite making her feel dirty and tired it would appear that China has a lot of affection for her horses. And indeed she appears rides them every chance she gets. Even going so far as to consider giving Valkyrie riding lessons. 


  • She doesn't celebrate or acknowledge her birthday.
  • She is known to play the harp.


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