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Chrissy Brennan
Character Information
Given Name Chrissy Brennan
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth 1980's/ 1990's
Age Unknown
Magic None
Location Bredon
Relations Ex-Husband, daughter

Chrissy Brennan was an inhabitant of the town of Bredon and a love interest to both Pete Green and the Narrator of Get Thee Behind Me, Bubba Moon


She grew up in Bredon with friends including Pete, Tyler and Benny and attended the same school. When it was Pete's turn to knock on the door of Bubba Moon's mansion, she wasn't present.

Get Thee Behind Me, Bubba Moon

She first appeared outside the school with Benny and Tyler. The group travelled to the Haunted House where it was the Speaker's turn to knock on the door of the building. Chrissy was visibly disturbed by the proceedings. As the Speaker paused for a moment, Pete stole his moment and ran up to the door and shouted at the building. The Speaker didn't want to be outdone and decided to state his intention of breaking into the mansion (secretly hoping he wouldn't be able to). Chrissy tried to talk him out of it. After he found a way in, the others eventually followed him. They started searching for a Black Magic Circle that Moon died in, which Chrissy found with her flashlight. Pete jumped into the circle and the Speaker nearly fell but her intuition grabbed him just in time (the Speaker noted that she had just saved his life). Their lights started to go out and they screamed as Pete appeared to be possessed. However, as they got to the exit, he revealed he was playing a trick on them. On that note, the Speaker left them and went home.

In the following days, Pete failed to show up at school and Chrissy approached the Speaker at his locker and asked if he knew where Pete was. She then decided to go to Pete's House to find out if the was okay or not. She asked the Speaker to go along with her. They found that Pete was being controlled by a flickering man and so were his family and neighbours. After fleeing to a shopping mall, the two realised that they couldn't tell anybody for fear of the person they told's death. Chrissy spent the next decades in fear, unable to escape Bredon.

Years later, she somehow managed to move to another town and settled down with a man named Toby. But it was soon revealed that Toby wasn't as good as she thought he was, so Chrissy kicked him out and raised her son Scott all on her own. When her son turned fourteen, the possessed Pete blackmailed her into coming back to Bredon to murder the Speaker's father. Not wanting to lose her son, Chrissy obliges, and soon the Speaker returns to Bredon to attend the funeral. In order to make sure that Pete and his followers really left Scott alone, she pretends to help the Speaker save his son when the latter was abducted despite hoping that the Speaker's child would get sacrificed instead. After the entire situation was solved by Skulduggery and Valkyrie, Chrissy disappears with her son.

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