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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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Christophe Nocturnal
Character Information
Taken Name Christophe Nocturnal
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2012
Magic Unknown
Faction Church of the Faceless Ones
Location Deceased
Relations Rancid Fines (Partner),
4 deceased brothers
"We do not try to overshadow our lords and masters by wearing tight or revealing clothing."
"Are you saying I'd make the Faceless Ones feel inadequate?"
"You are unclean."
"But I showered before I came here."
— Christophe Nocturnal confronts Tanith Low about her attire, Skulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of the Wicked
Christophe Nocturnal was a criminal mage who worshipped the Faceless Ones. He led the Church of the Faceless Ones in America.

It is stated that Nocturnal led an ultra-conservative sect of the religion. The members of the American Faceless One church were said to admire Nocturnal because he was not afraid to stand up against the American Sanctuary for his beliefs. Nocturnal was also widely feared by his church; he said this helped the organization run smoothly.


The Lost Art Of World Domination

Nocturnal and his Partner, Rancid Fines, were mentioned by Skulduggery Pleasant to Scaramouch Van Dreg. He and Fines were involved in a scheme to return the Faceless Ones to Earth using the Crystal of the Saints.

Kingdom of the Wicked

Christophe Nocturnal meets with Eliza Scorn in the beginning of the book. Eliza asked him to merge their churches into one conglomerate in order to become stronger. Nocturnal agrees under two conditions: that he will lead the new mega-church, and that Valkyrie Cain is killed as retribution for destroying two Faceless Ones. Scorn sends an assassin to kill Valkyrie, but at the same time hires Tanith Low and Billy-Ray Sanguine to stop the unnamed assassin.

He is later escorted into the Sanctuary in Roarhaven, having been framed for Valkyrie's assassination attempt. As the Cleaver leads him out of the van, he runs, his hands shackled behind his back. He attempted to harass a resident into helping him escape, but she retaliated violently. He returns to the Cleaver's custody.

Tanith Low later found Nocturnal's cell. Tanith sought him out to find the location of the Dagger, one of the God-Killer weapons. Nocturnal tells her the Dagger is in possession of Johann Starke, and Tanith kills him after extracting this information.


  • Nocturnal enjoyed hunting mortals with a bow, claiming it relaxed him. He said that while "man is the most dangerous pray, the fact is that rabbits are much harder to hit." He claimed it was a bonding activity between he, his father, and his brothers.
  • Nocturnal had four brothers.
  • His father threw Nocturnal and his brothers into a pit, announcing only one child would be allowed to leave alive. Nocturnal, despite being the smallest of his siblings, was also the most ruthless, and won the competition.
  • He said that his church was funded by seventy percent of his followers.


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