Character Information
Taken Name Civet
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death May 2008
Magic Unknown
Location Deceased

Civet was one of Kenspeckle Grouse's first assistants. He was killed when The Grotesquery rose.


Playing With Fire

Civet, along with Stentor, was an assistant to Kenspeckle Grouse. He was helping Stentor relocate the Grotesquery when it fell on Stentor. Grouse became angry at Stentor, and more so when he said that it had moved. The Grotesquery awoke and killed both Civet and Stentor.

Alternate Dimension

In the Alternate Dimension he is the assistant of Nye. He is told to remove Valkyrie's clothes but is afraid of what Valkyrie will do to him in retaliation. Later, Nefarian Serpine puts a knife to his throat when he was trying to save Valkyrie from Nye's clutches. Civet is not mentioned afterwards.


It is unknown whether Civet was an Elemental or an Adept.


The Dying of the Light Cover
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