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Coldheart Prison
Coldheart Prison Information
Name(s) Coldheart Prison
Major events The resurrection of Abyssinia.
Inhabitants 316 inmates,
The Anti-Sanctuary
Part of Constantly changing.

Coldheart Prison is a secret prison that houses the most dangerous of criminals. It sits on a floating Island that travels around the world, so no one except for the Sanctuaries (which they report to) knows where it is. It is named after the heart of Abyssinia, around which the prison was built to guard it.

Geography and Layout

Two fences and one wall with towers act as a perimeter to the prison. There are eight towers a side, each manned by Cleavers. Further fences and walls divide the yard even further, spaces for prisoner recreation and sections for staff.

It has one main building, called "the Brute" by the prisoners. It is a massive tower with slanted windows and houses the control room to steer the island. The Brute has eighteen floors with



Coldheart is hijacked by The Anti-Sanctuary while safeguards are being replaced in order to gain access to Abyssinia's heart and resurrect her. With the help of Tipstaff, who turns out to be a traitor, they learn of the one blind spot the island's security system has, and are able to teleport there with Nero. The inmates initially think they are being rescued and so constantly badger the anti-Sanctuary members to release them, only to find themselves ignored.

The prison acts as the anti-Sanctuary's temporary base and as the place for Abyssinia's resurrection.

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