Corrival Academy is the first known sorcerer school in any magical community. Established some point between The Dying of the Light and Resurrection, it is a boarding school located in the cultural district of Roarhaven City and is presumably named after Corrival Deuce. It is surrounded by a stone walled perimeter with a tower at each of the four corners. Next to the Dark Cathedral and the High Sanctuary it is the one of the largest structures in the city.


The Corrival uniform consists of a black blazer worn with black trousers or skirt, white shirt and tie. The tie and piping on the blazer varies in colour, depending on the year, much like belts in martial arts: ranging from a yellow ties in first year to black in sixth year. Third years wear a purple tie (as indicated with Omen Darkly) but the other colours are unknown. The School Crest, a dragon and three burning towers, is worn as a patch on the left breast.


Corrival Academy educates its students in both normal subjects and magic. Maths, English, History (including sorcerer history) and geography are all taught. Magical subjects include Teleportation, Magical Theory (taught by Fletcher Renn and Militsa Gnosis respectively) and Elemental Magic.