"As duly elected Grand Mage, I now call a halt to proceedings, as I have a crossword to do and some cakes to eat."
— Corrival Deuce addressing a crowd, Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil
Corrival Deuce
Character Information
Taken Name Corrival Deuce
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death December 2010
Magic Elemental
Faction The Dead Men (formerly)
Titles Grand Mage (formerly)
Location Deceased

Corrival Deuce was an old friend of Skulduggery Pleasant and one of the generals who commanded The Dead Men.


The War

Corrival Deuce was a respected man during the War. One of Corrival's jobs was to command the group The Dead Men. He also went on ambassadorial missions around the world, often taking Erskine Ravel with him to learn about diplomacy. After the War ended, he retired. He was at odds with the French Elder Mandat, after he usurped the previous Grand Mage, Trebuchet.

The Council Election

After two weeks of being pestered by Erskine Ravel, Deuce attended the Great Chamber to elect the new Council of Elders. Geoffrey Scrutinous elected Deuce as Grand Mage, and Deuce reluctantly accepted, though he intended for his appointment to be temporary, wishing to replaced once a better candidate was found.

The Remnant Outbreak

Deuce was infected by a Remnant after their escape from the Midnight Hotel. He, along with Solomon Wreath and Anton Shudder later attacked Skulduggery, Ghastly and Ravel during a gathering in Ghastly's Bespoke shop. While Deuce, Wreath and Shudder are able to possess Ravel, Skulduggery and Ghastly are able to escape. It is unknown what happened to the possessed Deuce after this.

After the Remnant Outbreak had been quelled, during the second meeting at the Great Chamber, it was revealed that Deuce had been killed in the outbreak. Ravel was asked to take over as Grand Mage as he had been Corrival's "right-hand man for years".

It was later revealed that Ravel and the rest of Roarhaven had Deuce murdered, allowing Ravel to ascend to the position of Grand Mage. This would allow him to carry out his plan, enacted in Last Stand of Dead Men.


Corrival Academy, a school for teenagers with magic located in Roarhaven City, is named after him.


He is an Elemental.


  • He enjoyed doing crosswords and eating cakes.


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