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Cothernus Ode
Character Information
Taken Name Cothernus Ode
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death Late 2013
Magic Elemental
Faction The British Sanctuary
Weapons Unknown
Titles Grand Mage
Location Deceased

Cothernus Ode's murder was attempted by Vaurien Scapegrace when he lived in Sydney. Cothernus was revealed as a former Elder of The British Sanctuary in The Maleficent Seven. He replaced Quintin Strom as Grand Mage after the latter's death but was murdered a year later.


Playing With Fire

He was one of Scapegrace's attempted murders. He presumably lived in Sydney during the interim between his Elder duties.

The Maleficent Seven

After being alerted by Johann Starke that the God-Killer weapons were being stolen by Tanith Low and her accomplices, he placed his Sanctuary under alert. He captured Tanith and all the members of Dexter Vex's group, but released them in return for helping his men beat Tanith's team and saving the life of Palaver Graves, one of the Elders, from a transformed Dusk. However, Tanith escaped with the help of Moribund. Dusk also escaped which prompted Aurora Jane to question the mages he assigned to search for the Vampire.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

He was captured by The Dead Men and his mages surrounded The Dead Men as they attempted to escape using the route Thames Chabon provided to Tanith half a year earlier. The two groups made an exchange before the interlopers escaped. He was later murdered at the by the orders of The Man with Golden Eyes. His successor was Palaver Graves.


In The Maleficent Seven he is described as handsome but lined and his white hair was cut tight to his scalp


Maleficent Seven
Last Stand of Dead Men Cover
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