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Character Information
Taken Name Crab
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth At least 1000 years before The Maleficent Seven
Age More than 1000 years
Death Early 2013
Magic Unknown
Weapons The God-Killer spear
Titles Mad Old Hermit
Location Deceased

Crab was a mad old hermit who owned and protected the God-Killer spear. He lived in a cave in a Polish beach.


The Maleficent Seven

Crab defended the spear from Tanith Low, but then she choked him to death and took the spear.


An old man, he told Tanith that he has lived for a thousand years. Fast and surprisingly strong, he was almost a match for Tanith.


  • Since Crab was a reclusive hermit, it is possible that he remained undetected in the alternate dimension and kept the Spear safe there.


Maleficent Seven

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