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Croke Park Stadium
Croke Park.jpg
Croke Park Stadium Information
Name(s) Croker
Major events The Battle of Croke Park Stadium
Inhabitants None
Part of Ireland

Croke Park Stadium is a large stadium located in Ireland. It is popular for sporting and concert events and is the third largest stadium in Europe. The stadium hosted the All-Ireland Championships in Dark Days.

The Battle at Croke Park Stadium

The Battle at Croke Park Stadium was the climax of the fourth book. The Irish Sanctuary were against the Revengers' Club. The Revengers' Club's plan was to use a copy of the Deolation Engine to blow up the Stadium, killing 80,000 people live on air, thus revealing magic to the mortal world. The bomb was modified so that only Thurid Guild, the Grand Mage, could trigger it and that he would survive its explosion. Scarab had kidnapped Guild's family to force him to blow up the Stadium. Guild reluctantly agrees, but before he could do it, Fletcher teleports him to the sea, saving the stadium and the people. Guild's family are freed, and the Revengers' Club flee or are arrested, ending the group. After the battle, sorceres arrived at the Stadium, covering what was needed to be covered.


  • Valkyrie has been at the stadium once in her life with her dad, when she was 11. Although he promised to take her there again, he has never done it.