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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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"We're fine. We've got a stupid car and a stupid boat. How's your house?"
— Crystal complaining to Valkyrie about Gordon's will, Skulduggery Pleasant
Crystal Edgley
Character Information
Given Name Crystal Edgley
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth 1991/1992
Age 21/22/23
Magic None
Location Ireland
Relations Beryl Edgley (mother)
Fergus Edgley (father)
Carol Edgley (sister)
Melissa Edgley (aunt)
Desmond Edgley (uncle)
Gordon Edgley (uncle)
Stephanie Edgley (cousin)
Alison Edgley (cousin)

Crystal Edgely is the twin sister of Carol, and daughter to Fergus and Beryl Edgley. Both Crystal and Carol are jealous of what Valkyrie received from Gordon's will, and believe that she only lied to get his possessions. Valkyrie calls the two the "Toxic Twins".


Skulduggery Pleasant

Crystal briefly appears when Valkyrie knocks on their house. She and her twin Carol start complaining about how Valkyrie got most of Gordon's possessions.

Playing With Fire

Crystal and Carol attend the Edgley family renuoin. They try to bully Valkyrie, but fail to scare her. They then barely miss looking at Gordon while he was in Echo Stone form. They also started to smoke around this time.

The Faceless Ones

Crystal and her sister only appear when Tanith comes to speak to Stephanie while she is staying with them. They are eating lunch and snigger when they hear that the reflection was hiding under bed.

Mortal Coil

Crystal and Carol are first seen at a Christmas Party, Valkyrie notices that they are being ridiculed, as Valkyrie had been in the past by them. Valkyrie pities them, and the three become acquaintances.

Later on, outside Shenanigans, the two see Valkyrie beat up a police man possessed by a Remnant. Crystal and Carol find out about magic, and Carol starts to have a panic attack. They also become infatuated with Fletcher Renn.

Death Bringer

Crystal and Carol first appear at Alison Edgley's christening.

Later on, they beg Valkyrie to teach them magic. She finally agrees tries to teach them at the beach. They think that magical skills comes instantly, and are surprised when it takes them more than a second to pick up the pebble. Fergus arrives and asks what they are doing. Valkyrie lies and says she is teaching them self-defense. He realises that they are actually attempting magic, so he sends them home.

Kingdom of the Wicked

She doesn't appear in the book, but Carol mentions that Crystal has lost so much weight she is comparable to Skulduggery, making Valkyrie slightly worried.

Last Stand of Dead Men

Beryl mentions that Crystal is no longer spending time with Carol's reflection, saying that Carol has changed. None of them know that the real Carol had been murdered by Valkyrie's reflection.


It is mentioned that she still lives with her parents and is getting treated for capgras delusion.


  • Whether or not Crystal takes up magic again, may be part of a future side plot.[1]



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