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"Grow a beard. Women love beards. Grow one like mine. Mine is a manly beard."
— Dai giving dating advice to Fletcher Renn
Dai Maybury
Character Information
Given Name Maybury
Taken Name Dai Maybury
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Before 2013
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Faction The Irish Sanctuary, The Monster Hunters
Location Ireland
Relations Daffyd, Davit, Deacon, Daveth, Davon (brothers)

Dai Maybury was a mage allied to The Irish Sanctuary and was one of The Monster Hunters. He is one of the Maybury sextuplets.


Last Stand of Dead Men

He drove Fletcher Renn to the fortress used as a decoy against the approaching army of General Mantis. He, Gracious and Donegan try to take down as many soldiers as possible. Dai is blinded by gas and punches a wall, thinking it's a person. He is later briefly seen fighting in the Battle of Roarhaven.

The Dying of the Light

Gracious and Donegan ask him to join the Monster Hunters. He agrees to be an Emergency Monster Hunter, but later joins up fully. He is possessed by a Remnant and kidnaps Alison Edgley later in the book.


He is not a Monster Hunter, so he presumably left with Fletcher Renn.


It was revealed in Last Stand Of Dead Men that Dai was one of six Maybury brothers, of which five others have appeared in the series: Davit, Daffyd, Deacon, Daveth and Davon. They are based on the real-life author David Maybury.


  • Dai has had his beard since he was twelve.
  • He hates kids.
  • Like the other Maybury brothers, with the exception of Deacon, his name is a pun of David Maybury (Dai, Davit, Davon, Daveth and Daffyd).


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