Character Information
Given Name Danny
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic None
Location Meek Ridge

Danny is a mortal who was introduced in The Dying of the Light who lived in Meek Ridge.


The Dying of the Light

Danny is first introduced delivering Valkyrie Cain's (known to Danny as Stephanie) groceries from his own store. He has a quick conversation with her, and when she asks if anyone has been asking for her, Danny replies no.

Later after returning to his store, he has two customers who are later known as Jeremiah Wallow and Gant. After a quick conversation, Gant hints if anyone knows anyone with the Irish accent in the small town. Danny chooses not to tell them about Valkyrie.

After they leave the store, Danny checks to make sure they're gone and decides to deliver Valkyries groceries that day to warn her about Gant and Jeremiah. After driving to her house, he realizes they are following him in their Cadillac and he almost led them to her. He keeps driving and decides to lose them by arriving at Eddie Sullivan's (a man who lives in Meek Ridge) cabin and giving the groceries free of charge.

Once he sees the Cadillac drive away, Danny leaves the cabin and then drives to Valkyrie. He explains how Gant and Jeremiah were asking about her, and she remains calm. Danny shows hints of worrying for her alone with two strangers after her, but after giving her his number, Danny leaves.

Later on in the novel, Danny is listening to Etta Faulkner (a local woman) and her argument about a Starbucks been introduced to Meek Ridge. Danny doesn't input much, but when Etta mentions a whole family been murdered in a town nearby, he starts asking more questions. She explains how a whole family was murdered and she supposedly talked to some reporters about the incident. When Danny asks what they looked like, Etta describes them perfectly as Gant and Jeremiah. Danny realizes they are murderers, and he asks her if she told them where Valkyrie lives. When she replies yes, Danny leaves abruptly and drives to Valkyrie's place to warn her.

As he arrives at her house, he peaks through the window and sees both Jeramiah and Gant inside waiting for Valkyrie to return home. As he goes to return to his car to flee, they spot him, causing him to flee and get badly injured, resulting in an almost broken shoulder and leg. The pair take him inside and tie him to a chair, while they wait for her to come to rescue him, as they suspect her to already know of their presence. As he is tied to the chair, he sees Valkyrie emerge from a safe room, at which point she comes over and tries to untie the ropes but she isn't successful. As she is working on releasing Danny, Jeremiah comes over, forcing her to hide behind the couch. 

Dany is then abducted by Jeremiah and Gant so they may use him to lure Valkyrie out. They keep Danny in the trunk of the car during the drive to their place, only letting him out when Danny needs to relieve himself. Danny is horrified to know that they are killing innocent people to leave a trail of dead bodies for Valkyrie to follow.

When they finally arrive at the duo's place, they chain Danny by his wrists so he may not escape. Danny passes out briefly from the heat and wakes to Valkyrie trying to free him. But she is attacked by Jeremiah and Gant, so Danny had to free himself from his restraints. He tries to help Valkyrie defeat Jeremiah and Gant and succeeds in luring Gant outside the area for a fairer fight.

After Gant escapes in the now badly damaged Cadillac, Danny listens to Valkyrie's story. They return to Valkyrie's place by morning, and Valkyrie then reveals that she is going back to Ireland. Danny then thinks about making records again.


The Dying of the Light Cover
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