"No. Not like this. At least let me stand up. Please, not like this."
— Davina's last words, Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil
Davina Marr
Character Information
Taken Name Davina Marr
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Boston, America
Age Unknown
Death December 24, 2010
Magic Elemental
Titles Prime Detective
Location Deceased

Davina Marr was the Prime Detective of both the American and Irish Sanctuary. She was an American woman, born in Boston, who was hired by Thurid Guild to take the place of Remus Crux. She is shown to be cruel and destructive. She also detests Skulduggery and Valkyrie.


Working at the American Sanctuary

Marr used to work for the American Sanctuary. After Crux saw a Faceless One, Guild hires her and she comes to Ireland just because of it's history with magic. Before she travels to Ireland, she buys Skulduggery's skull from Thames Chabon.

Relocation at Ireland

Marr is first introduced in Dark Days as Remus Crux's replacement. When the plan to retrieve Skulduggery's original skull goes horribly wrong, she arrives the arrest the group. She then interrogates Valkyrie, forcing her down. However, she is then overpowered and the group escape.

Later when Skulduggery is reinstated as the Sanctuary detective, Davina is given the menial job of checking all the castles in Ireland for the Revengers' Club's base. Rather disgruntled Marr makes a deal with several mysterious figures to blow up the Sanctuary. She succeeds by controlling Myron Stray using his True Name and telling him to activate the Desolation Engine. She then goes into hiding.

On the Run

In Mortal Coil, she is first seen running away from Tesseract. Skulduggery and Valkyrie rescue her, and take her to Kenspeckle Grouse where he looks after her for a day. When she is better, Skulduggery takes her to his home. When Scapegrace gives Tesseract the information on where Skulduggery lives, he defeats Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Ravel, Ghastly and Tanith and finally manages to kill Marr.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

Marr appears in one of Valkyries hallucinations at the hands of Mantis' sensitives.


Marr is, at first, appearing to be kind to some point but is also extremely cruel and hateful. She hates Skulduggery for an unknown reason and hates everyone who stands with him. She also disapproves of the way Guild runs the Sanctuary. She aided in destroying the Sanctuary helping an unknown enemy.

Magic and fighting skills

She is shown multiple times to be an Elemental such as when she was taking Valkyrie to her cell and pressed her against the wall with air. Her fighting skills seem to be incredibly strong as she is seen to easily overpower Valkyrie when interrogating. She forces Valkrie down and Asks her to beg for mercy, when she does this, she is eventually hurt by Valkyrie's Necromancer ring.


Davina is a name from Scottish origin meaning "friend" or "beloved".


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