Deacon Maybury
Character Information
Taken Name Deacon Maybury
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Adept
Faction Foe's gang (formerly)
Location Ireland
Relations Davit, Daffyd and Dai Maybury

Deacon Maybury was a Sanctuary Sensitive who specialized in a controversial process called re-identification, in which criminal personalities were overwritten and replaced with more peaceful ones. He was a former member of Foe's gang, who plotted to destroy the world.

He would later rewrite Argeddion's personality and attempt to remove Darquesse from Valkyrie Cain.


The End Of The World

Deacon Maybury used to be a member of Foe's gang until he betrayed them, stealing the key to the Doomsday Machine in hopes of selling it. The gang then killed his identical brother, Daffyd Maybury, with a wood-chipper. To hide from them, he disguised himself as a 15 year old boy called Ryan with the help of Robert Crasis, who created the new life of Ryan with Maybury encased in his subconscious. Ryan was then kidnapped by Foe's gang, but was saved by Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain. As Maybury still resided in Ryan's mind, he forced Ryan to subconsciously try to stop Skulduggery from reaching the Shopping Centre where they would dismantle the bomb. After the Doomsday Machine was de-activated, he returned to his old self while Valkyrie kissed him. He was allowed to flee as Ryan was a friend of theirs, but not before Valkyrie punched him in the face.

Kingdom Of The Wicked

He was briefly seen and helped in the re-identification of Argeddion, creating a new personality for him. Skulduggery explained that after they did him a favour in letting him escape, he was repaying them.

The Dying of the Light

Deacon was teleported by Fletcher Renn to Darquesse with Cassandra Pharos and Finbar Wrong. When Deacon saw her, he was frightened at first, but was pushed forwards by Cassandra. Darquesse fooled them all by leading them to believe she was separated from Valkyrie Cain and trapped in a soul catcher. In fact, it was Valkyrie who was trapped.

Deacon was later turned into a rubber duck by Darquesse, shortly after he helped Skulduggery and company to separate Darquesse from Valkyrie.


Deacon technically wasn't killed by Darquesse. Instead she rearranged the atoms of his body into a different form. However, he wouldn't be conscious or aware of this existence. Earlier, Billy-Ray Sanguine and Darquesse discussed the concept of how somebody could be gone but not dead.


Deacon was one of six Maybury brothers, all of which have appeared: Davit, Daffyd, Daveth, Davon and Dai. They are all based on the real-life David Maybury.


  • Deacon is the only sextuplet to not have a name stemmed from "David".


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