Death and Texas
Death and Texas
Author Derek Landy
Cover Artist None
Date Published 29 January 2015
Date Set In 2009-2010
Publisher HarperCollins
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Death and Texas is a short story released in the Armageddon Outta Here paperback.


Billy-Ray Sanguine deals with the consequences of the Battle of Aranmore Farm.

Sanguine stops to buy gas while on his way to get a job done. When he was paying at the counter, two teenage girls and their boyfriends stop at the gas station. Ignoring them, Sanguine goes off to collect his boss's money, killing a man named Pauline Robertson in the process. Once that was done, Sanguine doubles back to the gas station, feeling that something bad has happened. He follows the clues left behind and was surprised to know that it was the teenagers that had attacked the few locals in the area, not the other way around like he'd initially suspected. Sanguine proceeds to save the hilbilies held hostage, and only one of the boyfriends survived the encounter, the rest all killed off for good. Sanguine leaves the hilbilies as they were, deciding that he'd done enough. Then someone calls him to reveal that Dreyland Scarab is about to be released from prison soon, and Sanguine has an idea: having Scarab lead the Revenger's Club.

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